NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 5 - Surface Chemistry


NCERT Chemistry Part 1 Solutions for Class 12th Chapter 5 - Surface Chemistry is provided here for the students of Class 12 in order to help them in understanding the concepts of the Chapter clearly. These NCERT Solutions are prepared after considering the complete syllabus which is prescribed by CBSE and includes the set of answers to the questions of the NCERT textbook in a well-structured and right format.

Chapter 5 Surface Chemistry deals with some important features of surface Chemistry like adsorption, catalysis, and colloids which comprises gels and emulsions. Apart from this, you will get to describe the Interfacial Phenomenon and its significance, definition, and classification of adsorption, mechanism, and factors controlling adsorption, etc. Refer to these guided Solutions for memorizing the concepts of the Chapter and for revising the syllabus of the exam.

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Chapter 5 - Surface Chemistry

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