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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas that we provide act as an important study material for students looking to score good marks in the exam. These solutions assist students to focus more on important topics in the Vistas textbook and learn them in-depth. Detailed and to the point, the English Vistas Solutions from Goprep have been prepared in accordance with the present syllabus for the CBSE class 12th

The Class 12 English Vistas Solutions comprise of answers and explanations for all the questions and topics provided in the textbook. These solutions are presented in an easy language, which makes it easier for students to understand the concepts thoroughly. Also, by relying upon these solutions for Vistas English, you can prepare the whole syllabus within the required time-frame. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the links given below to access chapter-wise solutions for Class 12 Vistas English.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas (All Chapters)

Scoring good marks in Class 12 English Boards exam is not an easy task from any stretch of the imagination. The syllabus of the subject is vast and topics within them are diverse. So, by referring to our English Vistas Solutions, you can easily tackle the course and prepare each chapter and topics within them effectively.

Chapter 1: The Third Level 

Summary: Written by Jack Finney, “The Third Level” is a story of a 31-year-old guy named Charlie Sheen. The story is interesting and at the same time quite entertaining take on time travel. One fine evening, while travelling back home, Charlie decides to take the subway from the Grand Central Station in New York City.

Grand Central Station of New York has only two levels. However, Charlie ends up finding himself on the third level of the Grand Central Station. Not only does he believe in the existence of this hypothetical third level but also claims to have been there.

He realizes that he has gone back in time where he discovers brass spittoons. He also observes that people are dressed in an old-fashioned way having fancy bears and moustaches. Charlie narrates the whole incident to his psychiatrist friend Sam who dismisses Charlie’s claim by terming the whole story as a mere figment of his imagination.

Author of the “The Third Level”: Jack Finney

Theme: The story sheds light on the concept of time travel. Jack Finney explores the psychology of a common man and manages to present how a fear-induced mind hallucinates about something which did not exist in reality.

Types of Questions: Short Questions, practice questions, long answer questions, and fill in the blanks.

Chapter 2: The Tiger King 

Summary: The Tiger King is the story of Maharaja Sir Jilani Jung Bahadur who was also called as “Tiger King”. When he was a child, he was told by an astrologer that a tiger would be the cause of his death. Jung Bahadur was crowned the king when he turned 20 years of age. Also, during this time, the prediction of him being killed by a tiger reached his ear.

Fearing his death from a tiger, Maharaja started killing all the tigers in his state one by one. 

However, according to the astrologer, he could kill 99 tigers, but he needed to be very careful of the hundredth tiger.

At the time, when the king was fighting with the hundredth tiger, the tiger from the shock and the king mistakes him dead. Ironically, one of the slivers of wooden toy tiger pierced the right hand of the king and caused infection, which ultimately led to his death.

Author of the story, “The Tiger King”: Kalki Krishnamurthy

Theme: The story conveys the message that the desire for power was something that led the king to kill all the animals. The story, “The Tiger King” also highlights the fact that power for its own sake serves no purpose.

Types of Questions: As per the NCERT Class 12 English syllabus, this chapter consists of short answer, long answer and multiple-choice questions.

Chapter 3: Journey Towards the End of the Earth

Summary: Narrated by Tishani Doshi, “Journey Towards the End of the Earth” is a travelogue describing her journey to the coldest continent in the world, Antarctica.

The journey to Antarctica began at Chennai, went past many different countries along with geographical and ecological areas. On reaching the continent, the writer’s first reaction was that of relief, and she was amazed at the vastness of the continent, its geological history and seclusion.

The visit to Antarctica gave the writer a profound understanding of fold mountains, knowledge of earth’s history, ecology and the environment.

Author of “Journey Towards the End of the Earth”: Tishani Doshi

Theme: The writer conveys that if one wants to understand about the earth, its past, present and future, then Antarctica is the place that they should go.

Types of Questions: Textual questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions.

Chapter 4: The Enemy 

Summary: The story, “The Enemy” takes place in a coastal town of Japan in the year 1941 during the time of the second world war. A fierce war was going on between the countries of Japan and America. The Japanese army had turned hostile and was ready to kill people of American origin found on their soil.

It is during this time; a Japanese doctor finds a wounded American prisoner of war at his doorstep. The doctor finds himself in a dilemma whether he should save the injured man or hand him over to the Japanese forces.

Although reluctant to help the enemy, Sadao risks his career and life and provides medical aid to the wounded American soldier. Sadao saves the American, and in this way rises above the narrow preconceptions and acts in a genuinely compassionate manner.

Author of “The Enemy”: Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

Theme: A true human being is one who realizes the real worth of human life and rises above prejudices and man-made barriers.

Types of Questions:  While preparing the NCERT Vistas chapter 4, you will come across short answer type and long answer type as well as multiple-choice questions.

Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Summary: The story “Should Wizard Hit Mommy” is about a small family of four people. In the story, Jack is the father, who has been telling her daughter bedtime stories for the last two years which she finds very interesting compared to other things.

During one such story session, Jo starts asking questions whenever she feels that what is being told is not right. She wants to know the reason behind the things which Jack finds difficult to answer. Instead of answering her questions, Jack tells the daughter she should believe what is told to her by him.   

Author of “Should Wizard Hit Mommy”: John Updike

Theme: The question that the story asks is whether parents should always decide what the children should do, or they let their children do what they want to do.

Types of Questions: Textual questions, short answer type questions and multiple-choice questions.

Chapter 6: On The Face Of It

Summary: Written by a renowned English author Susan Hill, “On The Face Of It” is a story of two individuals named Derry and Mr Lamb. Both individuals have been subjected to unfortunate odds with Derry being a victim of an acid attack while Mr Lamb lost his limbs in a bomb blast.

Derry is a 14-year-old boy with a burnt face, who appears ugly and has developed low self-esteem. Mr Lamb, on the other hand, is an older man with a tin leg who is optimistic and always looks for a company and acceptance from others.

Mr Lamb motivates Derry to think positively about life. He changes his thinking about people and things. Hence, through the story, the writer highlights the contrasting attitude of both the survivors and how one can find happiness by retaining hope in times of difficulty.

Author of “On The Face Of It”: Susan Hill

Theme: Through the story, the writer subtly depicts the depressed world of people with a physical disability.

Types of Questions: While attempting to solve questions from NCERT Vistas “On The Face Of It” story, you will find fill in the blanks, textual and short answer questions.

Chapter 7: Evan Tries an O-Level

Summary: Normal Colin Dexter is the writer of the story, “Evan Tries an O-Level”. The story revolves around a prisoner named James Roderick Evans who escaped the Oxford prison by misleading the jail authorities. Evans had absconded from the prison three times earlier as well before coming to the Oxford Prison.

The Jail authorities and the Governor with their skilled force, try hard to track Evans down. By taking the hint from the questions paper that he had written, the Governor manages to capture Evans from the hotel where he was staying.

Evans surrenders himself to the Police and is sent away to the prison van accompanied by a prison officer. But, this time again, he deceives the Governor as the prison officer was part of his plan and helped him become a free bird again.

Author of “Evan Tries an O-Level”: Normal Colin Dexter

Theme: Through the story, the writer suggests that crimes can be stopped, and criminals can be booked if the law enforcement agencies are vigilant and act with planning. 

Types of Questions: Fill in the blanks, textual questions, short answer type and long answer type questions.

Chapter 8: Memories of Childhood

Summary: The story “Memories of Childhood” is an actual account of two real-life stories of women named Zitkala Sa (Native American) and Bama (Tamilian Dalit).

Zitkala Sa faces racial discrimination in her boarding school in America. Bama, on the other hand, is the sufferer of caste discrimination in her society.

The injustice meted out to both Zitkala-Sa and Bama in mainstream culture did not escape their notice. Moreover, the bitter experiences faced by them during their childhood sowed in them the seeds of rebellion during the later stages of their life.

Author of “Memories of Childhood”: Zitkala Sa and Bama

Theme: The story draws special attention to the hatred, unhealthy treatment and racial discrimination towards people and women in particular.

Types of Questions: After completing the NCERT Vistas chapter, “Memories of Childhood”, you can easily solve fill in the blanks, short answer questions and textual questions.

Benefits of using NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas

  • Designed as per the latest syllabus of the Class 12 English
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Final Words

The book of English Vistas in Class 12 comprises of short stories that are to be read thoroughly to form a proper idea and answer the questions that follow. However, majority of the students find it difficult to grasp certain elements of the story and make it difficult for them to answer the questions. It is at this time, NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas can come to your rescue. Explained beautifully, these solutions foster easy understanding and learning of the difficult explanations in the story. Once you are able to develop a deeper insight into the story, you can always frame your own answers and score good marks in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which reference book is the best for preparing for the Class 12th English?

    There are many reference books that are available for the English subject, but NCERT reference book is undoubtedly the most reliable option. The NCERT textbook is prescribed by the CBSE and therefore the solutions made available for the same book are always considered as the best.

  • Can I score good marks in the 12th English board exam without reading the NCERT textbook, and by only referring to Vistas NCERT Solutions?

    It can pretty difficult for you to score good marks if you are just reading NCERT Solutions for English and not focussing on the English textbook by NCERT. Both the textbook and NCERT Solutions are interrelated and you should give first priority to the textbook. Only when you are not able to grasp a particular chapter or topic, then you can read the solutions to get into the detail of the topic and develop a deeper insight into it.

  • Where can I get Vistas Class 12 Solutions?

    You can refer to the NCERT Solutions made available by Goprep. The Vistas Class 12 solutions extended by us are accurate and at the same time highly effective. Also, by using these solutions, you can get to the root of every topic and develop a deeper understanding into it which will help you write correct answers in quick time during the exam.