NCERT Solutions for Class 12


NCERT Solutions for Class 12 are presented in a manner to assist students in preparing for the 12th Boards exam with ease. Class 12th is the most important stage in the academic career of the student. And, therefore, it lies in the best interest of the students to prepare each subject thoroughly. So, by relying on Goprep’s NCERT Solutions for Class 12th, you can definitely give a boost to your exam preparation.

With Goprep’s NCERT Class 12 Solutions, you can get access to the solutions for all the problems of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Commerce subject in a very structured manner. These 12th Class solutions comprise of exercises and questions that have been solved by expert teachers using the simplest methods. Each explanation has been provided lucidly and efficiently, thus making sure that students do not have to rely on any other resource for exam preparation.

Class 12 NCERT Solutions - All Subjects (Science, Commerce & Arts)

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NCERT - Mathematics Part-INCERT - Mathematics Part-I6 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths
NCERT - Mathematics Part-IINCERT - Mathematics Part-II7 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Mathematics Part II
NCERT - Physics Part-INCERT - Physics Part-I8 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics
NCERT - Physics Part-IINCERT - Physics Part-II7 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Part II
NCERT - Chemistry Part-INCERT - Chemistry Part-I9 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry
NCERT - Chemistry Part-IINCERT - Chemistry Part-II7 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Part II
NCERT - BiologyNCERT - Biology16 Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology
Chemistry - ExemplarChemistry - Exemplar18 Chapters
NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Chemistry Solutions
Mathematics - ExemplarMathematics - Exemplar13 Chapters
NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 12 Mathematics


The Class 12 NCERT Solutions have been prepared by expert teachers of Goprep. Using our NCERT Solutions for important subjects in Class 12th, you can develop a thorough understanding of challenging and critical concepts. Moreover, to facilitate quicker understanding among students, solutions for each chapter and topic in every subject has been broken down systematically. Every topic, beginning from Matrices and Determinants in Maths to Electric Charges and Fields in Physics has been solved in detail with the sole objective of giving students a proper understanding of each topic and concept.

Benefits of Referring to NCERT Class 12 Solutions

  • NCERT Solutions have been formulated prepared by teachers having extensive experience
  • The solutions are explained in detail using the simplest of language
  • These solutions follow the latest syllabus of the CBSE for Class 12
  • Students can get Step by Step solution to every question in the textbook
  • These solutions are highly effective for exam preparation
  • NCERT Solutions for each subject can be accessed separately
  • Most importantly, these solutions for Class 12 can be availed at free of cost

FAQs | NCERT Solutions for Class 12

Given below are certain frequently asked questions that students come up with in reference to the CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 12:

What are the subjects for which NCERT Solutions for Class 12 are made available?

You can get access to CBSE NCERT Class 12 Solutions for the subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, English, Business Studies and Economics.

How NCERT Solutions can help me in Class 12 Board exam preparation?

The prime objective of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 seeks to fulfil is to help students prepare effectively for the Boards exam. The solutions for different subjects are prepared with an aim to foster an easy understanding of the important and difficult topics. Also, these solutions comprise of simple to grasp explanations for important concepts in the subjects which makes it easier for the students to prepare for the exam in the most suitable way possible.

Can I score 85% or above marks in 12th Boards by relying on NCERT Solutions?

If you are using NCERT Solutions to get a better insight into topics explained in the NCERT Class 12 Textbook, then you can definitely develop your questions solving skills. Moreover, with 12th Class Solutions, you can solve complex questions with ease and prepare each chapter in the book in a thorough manner. So, in this way, you will be able to facilitate your exam preparation, and this would enable you to score good marks in the exam.

Are Class 12th NCERT Solutions effective for preparing for Engineering and Medical entrance exams?

Majority of the questions in the engineering and medical exams all over India are asked from the syllabus of Class 11th and 12th. So, if you want to study thoroughly for the entrance exam, then NCERT Solutions for the Class 12th can definitely prove to be vital. These solutions explain important and difficult topics of Class 12 easily and can enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and its concepts.