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RS Aggarwal Class 12 Solutions for Maths can bring you guaranteed success in class 12 Maths board exam, provided that you make use of these solutions when required. You should refer to RS Aggarwal 12th Maths solutions for difficult questions or when you are stuck in a few questions after attempting them yourself. Goprep's RS Aggarwal Class 12 Maths solutions have been curated by our highly experienced Maths teachers in strict compliance with CBSE class 12 syllabus. 

The 12th class is the career defining phase in a student’s life. Therefore, it gets extremely important for you to perform well in class 12th boards exam. However, the Mathematics of class 12 is regarded as a challenging subject, which makes it quite tough for the students to score good marks in the exam. So, to master the Maths subject, you can take the help of our highly effective RS Aggarwal class 12 Maths solutions.  

RS Aggarwal Class 12 Solutions - All Chapters


33 Chapters
1 Relation3 Exercises|47 Questions
2 Functions5 Exercises|99 Questions
3 Binary Operations2 Exercises|27 Questions
4 Inverse Trigonometric Functions5 Exercises|126 Questions
5 Matrices6 Exercises|124 Questions
6 Determinants4 Exercises|110 Questions
7 Adjoint and Inverse of a Matrix1 Exercises|37 Questions
8 System of Linear Equations2 Exercises|98 Questions
9 Continuity and Differentiability3 Exercises|48 Questions
10 Differentiation10 Exercises|285 Questions
11 Applications of Derivatives9 Exercises|292 Questions
12 Indefinite Integral2 Exercises|73 Questions
13 Method of Integration5 Exercises|380 Questions
14 Some Special Integrals3 Exercises|110 Questions
15 Integration Using Partial Fractions4 Exercises|168 Questions
16 Definite Integrals5 Exercises|261 Questions
17 Area of Bounded Regions1 Exercises|39 Questions
18 Differential Equations and Their Formation3 Exercises|68 Questions
19 Differential Equations with Variable Separable2 Exercises|76 Questions
20 Homogeneous Differential Equations1 Exercises|30 Questions
21 Linear Differential Equations2 Exercises|78 Questions
22 Vectors and Their Properties1 Exercises|24 Questions
23 Scalar, or Dot, Product of Vectors1 Exercises|34 Questions
24 Cross, or Vector, Product of Vectors1 Exercises|44 Questions
25 Product of Three Vectors3 Exercises|181 Questions
26 Fundamental Concepts of 3-Dimensional Geometry1 Exercises|18 Questions
27 Straight Line in Space7 Exercises|112 Questions
28 The Plane11 Exercises|181 Questions
29 Probability2 Exercises|42 Questions
30 Bayes’s Theorem and its Applications1 Exercises|18 Questions
31 Probability Distribution1 Exercises|19 Questions
32 Binomial Distribution2 Exercises|62 Questions
33 Linear Programming2 Exercises|97 Questions

Our solutions of RS Aggarwal class 12 Maths textbook have been developed in a simple manner using easy to understand language. The study material is comprehensive in nature and covers the solutions for all the 33 chapters in Maths syllabus of CBSE class 12. Important topics such as Probability, Determinants, Algebra of Matrices, Differentiation, Tangents & Normals and Maxima & Minima have been given special attention. What’s even better is that these solutions of RS Aggarwal textbook are free of cost and can be accessed conveniently from anywhere.

Highlights of our RS Aggarwal Class 12 Solutions for Maths

  • A systematic approach is followed to solve each and every question to help students understand the concepts better.
  • These solutions are prepared such that they describe multiple ways to solve questions of a particular type.
  • Comprehensive solutions to all the questions given in the RS Aggarwal textbook of class 12.
  • Topic-wise concepts are explained clearly to help students master the class 12 Maths syllabus and score good marks.
  • Our RS Aggarwal solutions are perfect for revision as important Maths topics can be accessed, practised and revised quickly.

Final Words

We have tried our best to compile the RS Aggarwal class 12 solutions in a detailed and simple manner. So, we hope that you would not face any problem while solving the RS Aggarwal textbook questions. By practising these solutions, you will be able to clear all your doubts and prepare effectively for the Maths board exam.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get the most accurate RS Aggarwal textbook solutions for class 12 Maths?

    RS Aggarwal solutions for the Maths textbook along with the detailed solutions to each chapter and topics can be accessed from our website. The solutions have been formulated in an easy to understand language using a step-by-step approach. By referring to our RS Aggarwal Class 12 solutions, you can clear your doubts of difficult topics and develop a better understanding of the concepts.

  • Which Maths book for class 12th is good, RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma?

    Both RS Aggarwal and RD Sharma Maths textbook are very popular and useful for class 12 Maths board exam preparation. However, both of these books serve a different purpose. The textbook of RS Aggarwal is perfect for practising a large number of questions which makes the textbook quite useful for self-study. Moreover, the question in this book is not repeated which means you can practise solved questions yourself and look for the answers only when required.

    RD Sharma textbook, on the other hand, has higher-level questions which makes it a good option for above-average students. The book is lengthy in comparison to RS Aggarwal which means it requires more time to finish the entire Maths syllabus. So, it entirely depends upon you as to which book you want to choose for Maths exam preparation as both of them are reliable and highly useful.

  • Is RS Aggarwal class 12 Maths book solutions sufficient for the Board exams?

    RS Aggarwal Maths textbook of class 12 is non-lengthy and is well-illustrated. The best thing about RS Aggarwal textbook is that it neither includes beginner-level questions nor does it comprise of very high-level questions, unlike other reference books. The questions are very moderate in nature based on the CBSE class 12 syllabus. So, if you practise the questions of the textbook with the help of RS Aggarwal solutions, you can greatly improve your class 12 board exam preparation and score better marks henceforth.