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QAnswer any four of the following question in 30-40 words each:i. How did Kisa Gotami realise that life and death is a normal process?ii. Why did Maddie write a note to Peggy and tore it?iii. How can you say that Horace Danby was good and responsible but not completely honest?iv. What difficulty do the crew of the space probe face on the Earth?V. What was the most fascinating thing that Valli saw on the street?English (Lang. & Lit) - Board Papers 4557 views
QAttempt the following questions in 100-120 words:Bholi is a child different from other. This difference makes her an object of neglect and laughter. Elaborate.ORThe poet in the poem, “For Anne Gregory’ convey that we should give importance to the inner beauty and not to the physical appearance. Elaborate with reference to the poem.English (Lang. & Lit) - Board Papers 4303 views
QRearrange any four of the following words / phrases to make meaning sentences.1. that life began / centuries ago / scientists think / twenty2. endless process / the plants and animals / of evolution/ are the products / of an3. are / their / animals / products of / all the / environment4. lose / habitat / human / due to/ their / the animals / encroachment5. the / habitat / regrowth / rate of / is / very slow / ofEnglish (Lang. & Lit) - Board Papers 3721 views