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About Goprep: Free Exam Preparation App

Goprep, is India’s leading e-learning platform,which offers a comprehensive study material for Classes 8th to 12th. Since its inception in 2018, Goprep, garnered positive reception from students across the country. We have pooled together a team of teachers for preparing study material and conducting online classes for students of state boards and competitive exams as follows.

List of State Boards

  • CBSE
  • Kerala Board
  • Maharashtra Board
  • AP Board
  • West Bengal Board (WBSE)
  • Karnataka Board
  • Rajasthan Board (RBSE)
  • Tamil Nadu Board (TN Board)
  • Gujarat Board

Competitive Exams

  • JEE
  • NEET

Our in-house faculty members feature among India’s best teachers who are here to coach you to excel in your Board and competitive exams. Interactive live sessions clubbed with online courses and study material will motivate you to do practice regularly in an engaging manner.

What makes Goprep a standout platform for online learning?

Whether you are looking for NCERT Solutions, previous year papers or live sessions, we have you covered with our world-class e-learning platform. No longer you need to travel miles to take JEE or NEET coaching classes as Goprep conducts live sessions delivered by experienced faculty.
With the availability of free NCERT Solutions and reference book solutions,completing homework and exam preparation has become easier. We have maintained a collection of previous year question papers that saves your time from hovering over other websites.

Goprep Free Learning App- Learn Anytime, Anywhere

The Digital Age is rapidly changing the approach of students towards learning as they wish to utilize their time as much as possible. Once you register on Goprep’s e-learning application, you can start attending live classes, solve previous year papers, and much more.
With personalized learning enabled, you can clear your doubts by clicking and sending a picture to get instant answers for any subject. To streamline your JEE and NEET preparation, we bring you mock tests with a detailed report.

Goprep is providing NCERT Solutions for Class 8 to Class 12 and Online Coaching Classes for JEE/NEET Aspirants.Get CBSE & State Board Reference Book Solutions,Previous Year Question Paper, Online Quiz, and Live Sessions.