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QRead the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow. 1. Overpowering prey is a challenge for creatures that do not have limbs. Some species like Russell’s viper inject poison. Some others opt for an alternative non-chemical method-rat snakes, for instance, catch and push their prey against the ground, while pythons use their muscle power to crush their prey to death. But snake can’t be neatly divided into poisonous and non-poisonous categories. 2. Even species listed as non-poisonous aren’t completely free of poison. The common Sand Boa, for instance, produces secretion particularly poisonous to birds. So the species doesn’t take any chance – it crushes its prey and injects poison as an extra step. 3. Do vipers need poison powerful enough to kill hundreds of rats with just one drop? After all, they eat only one or two at a time. 4. While hunting animals try their worst to kill most efficiently, their prey use any trick to avoid becoming a meal, such as developing immunity to poison. For instance, Californian ground squirrels are resistant to poison. For instance, Californian grounds squirrels are resistant to Northern Pacific rattlesnake poison. 5. Competition with prey is not the only thing driving snakes to evolve more and more deadly poison. Snakes also struggle to avoid becoming prey themselves. 6. Some snake killers have partial immunity to poison Famously, mongooses are highly resistant to cobra poison, and with their speed and agility, kill snakes fearlessly. It would be the death of cobras as a species if they didn’t evolve a more deadly poison to stop mongooses. 7. Poison has another important role. It’s an extreme meat softener; specific enzymes break up the inside of the prey. Normally, a reptile depends on the sun’s warm rays to aid digestion. 8. But I wonder if we cannot use venom in our favour. In remote parts of India, local hospitality often involves leather- tough meat. I chew and chew until my jaws ache. If I spit it out or refuse, our hots would be offended, I swallow like a python stuffing a deer down its throat and hope I don’t choke. If only I had poison. 2.1 Read the question given below and answer any four in 30-40 words each. (a) Russell viper and rat snake have different methods to attack prey. How? (b) How does Sand Boa kill its prey? (c) There is a constant tussle between the hunting animal and its prey? Why? (d) What makes mongoose a snake predator? (e) What difficulty does the writer face when he is entertained in the remote parts of India? 2.2 On the basis of your reading of the above passage fill in any two of the following blanks. i. Overpowering ………………… is a challenge for creatures that do not have limbs. a. a kiler b. humans c. a python d. prey ii. Poison ………………… meat. a. enhances taste of b. hardens c. softens d. breaks down 2.3 Find word from the passage which mean the same as: a. Another (para I) b. Liquid substance released from glands (para 2) c. Particular (para 7)English (Lang. & Lit) - Board Papers 6556 views
QRead the passage given below : 1) Tourists to Jammu and Kashmir have another attraction – a floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the first in the country. ‘Floating Post Office, Dal Lake’ – claimed to be the only one such post office in the world – is built on an intricately carved maroon houseboat, fastened on the western edge of the Dal Lake.  (2) This post office lets you avail of all the regular postal services available in the country while being afloat. The seal used on everything posted from Floating Post Office is unique – along with the date and address, it bears the design of a boatman rowing a shikara on the Dal Lake. The special feature of this post office is that letters posted from here carry a special design which has the picturesque scenery of Dal Lake and Srinagar city. These pictures reach wherever these letters are posted to and hence promote Kashmir as a tourist destination across the world.  (3) This is actually a heritage post office that has existed since British times. It was called Nehru Park Post Office before 2011. But then the chief postmaster John Samuel renamed it as ‘Floating Post Office’.  (4) The post office’s houseboat has two small rooms – one serves as the office and the other a small museum that traces the philatelic history of the state postal department. It has a shop that sells postage stamps and other products.  (5) But for the locals, Floating Post office is more than an object of fascination. Rs 1-2 crore is deposited per month in Floating Post Office by communities living in and around the Dal Lake. The lake has several islets that are home to more than 50,000 people.  (6) The greatest fear is the recurrence of 2014 like floods in which the houseboat had gone for a toss uncontrollably pushed by the flood. Rescue teams had to anchor it using special mechanism in a nearby highland. Then it was brought back on the Dal after the water receded. The biggest boon is that at no time of the year do you need a fan in this post-office! 1.1 Attempt any eight of the following questions on the basis of the passage you have read : (i) What is the location of the Floating Post Office in Srinagar ? (ii) What is special about the seal used in the post office ? (iii) How is the post office helpful in promoting tourism ? (iv) Who renamed the post office as ‘Floating Post Office’ ? (v) What are the two rooms of the post office used for ? (vi) How is the post office beneficial to the locals ? (vii) What is the greatest fear that the post office has ? (viii) How is the post office a big boon to the people ? (ix) Find the word from the passage which means the same as ‘attraction’. (para 5)English (Lang. & Lit) - Board Papers 8670 views

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