NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 15 - Communication Systems


Goprep is providing students with NCERT Physics Part II Solutions for Class 12th Chapter 15- Communication Systems prepared by subject experts with an aim to score more marks in the board examination. Understand the concepts of the topics and solve all the questions of the NCERT textbook with the help of these NCERT Solutions. Refer to these Solutions for clearing your doubts of the topics in an efficient way.

Make your base strong on the subject in order to solve the questions of the topics and score more marks in the examination. This Chapter deals with important subtopics which are:

  • Elements Of A Communication System
  • Bandwidth Of Signals
  • Basic Terminology Used In Electronic Communication Systems
  • Bandwidth Of Transmission Medium
  • Propagation Of Electromagnetic Waves
  • Skywaves
  • Modulation And Its Necessity
  • Ground wave
  • Size of the antenna or aerial
  • Effective power radiated by an antenna
  • Space wave
  • Production Of Amplitude Modulated Wave
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Detection Of Amplitude Modulated Wave.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 15 - Communication Systems

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