16. Chemistry in Everyday Life


The experienced subject mentors of Goprep have created the NCERT Chemistry Part 2 Solutions for Class 12th Chapter 16- Chemistry in Everyday Life with a sole aim to help students in their exam preparation. These Solutions include basic concepts of the topic and the answers to all the questions given in the NCERT textbook of Chemistry of Class 12. Further, having free of cost access of the same, you will find these Solutions error-free and based on the current CBSE curriculum of the exam.

Being an extremely useful study material, NCERT Solutions help you in preparing for the exams and also while doing your homework. You will find the detailed and stepwise answers to the questions which are asked at the end of each unit of the NCERT textbook of Class 12. NCERT Solutions Chapter 16 deals with important topics like Drugs and their Classification, Drug target Interaction, Chemicals in Food, Cleansing Agents and Therapeutic Action of Different Classes of Drugs.

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Class 12th|NCERT - Chemistry Part-IIChapter 16 - Chemistry in Everyday Life
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Chapter 16 - Chemistry in Everyday Life