NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English - An Alien Hand

NCERT English - An Alien Hand

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand is prepared by Goprep which helps students in understanding the subject successfully via the NCERT Solution book. The English An Alien Hand textbook is completely prescribed by CBSE. The subject experts of Goprep who hold great expertise in the subject has prepared the NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English for the students to help them in the best possible manner.

One of the easiest and scoring subject in the class of the exam, the English language section is a fun language to study. Over the past years, the utilization and the importance of the English language are seen on the upsurging level. In order to improve your command over the language, it is crucial to building your foundation strong. So, for that, you need to attend proper English language training at school level.

NCERT Class 7 English 'An Alien Hand' Solutions - All Chapters

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The English textbook of class 7 - An Alien Hand includes 10 chapters. You will be able to find the solutions in a constructive manner so that you can access the chapters easily. After checking the solutions, you will be able to understand the topic of the subject smoothly.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English - An Alien Hand (Chapter-Wise Description)

Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher 

Summary-  NCERT Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1 is a story of an ant and depicts the hardworking nature of the small creature. An ant is the smallest, most common, and the wisest insect.  Further, an ant has feelers or antennae for passing messages while talking. 

Also, ants are of two kinds- red & black, and they live in anthills in which queen ant lays eggs. Then there are nurses, workers, soldiers, and cleaners. The young ones are called grubs, and other ants of the family never hurt each other and live peacefully in their rooms. 

The queen is the mother of the ant family, and after meeting the male ant or drone, her only responsibility is to lay eggs. Further, other small creatures like beetles, lesser breeds live with ants in their anthill. For different reasons like the pleasant smell, sweet juices and as pets. 

Humans are also intelligent, but they haven't put their learning to good use. So, it is advised for human beings to learn hard work, cleanliness, care, discipline and loyalty to the earth from this tiny ant.   

Theme: The theme of the chapter is to make human beings learn hard work, dedication, cleanliness, and loyalty through the life of an ant. 

Type of Questions: Comprehensive type questions, fill in the blanks, match the following and true or false.  

Chapter 2: Bringing Up Kari

Summary-  Chapter 2 “Bringing Up Kari” is a story of a baby elephant of five months old and his friend who was nine years old. The baby elephant named Kari used to live in the pavilion and eat forty pounds of twigs everyday. 

The author used to get saplings for Kari by climbing the trees. Then one fine day, when the author was collecting twigs for Kari, he heard Kari’s loud voice and went there to help him. Then, Kari and the boy saved a little boy from drowning. 

The other day, somebody gave Kari a ripe banana and soon he developed a taste for bananas. Then the author found Kari stealing bananas from his house and scolded the elephant for the same. 

The author also stated that he made Kari learn when to sit and when to stand. Also, the most challenging thing to learn for Kari was the master call. A master call was referred to a strange hissing sound; the owner makes, to ask for the help of the elephant when he was in danger. 

Author of “ Bringing Up Kari”: Dhan Gopal Mukerji

Theme: NCERT An Alien Hand English for Class 7 Chapter 2 displays that an animal can learn good and bad things from humans in the same way as a human baby. Here, a baby elephant Kari learned different things from his friend. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find a short and long answer type question to attempt. 


Chapter 3: The Desert

Summary- In chapter 3 “The Desert”,  you will study about a beautiful place called desert. The desert is the home for many plants, animals, and people that adapt themselves to live under certain conditions. 

Although the ground is covered with plants, trees and grass when it rains, flowers bloom, and the sight is similar to the tropical garden. A place is where there is no or little water and vegetation, generally termed as a desert. Also, sand dunes are considered as the mounds of sand which are deposited by wind. 

The ship of the desert is a camel, which can drink a lot of water at one time and then can survive for days. Also, small desert animals burrow themselves in the sand during the day and come out at night to eat. They get water from the moisture present in the meat and animals who eat plants get their water intake from the plant juices. 

The desert plants also adapt themselves to live in the hot conditions, like Cactus plant  which stores water in their thick stems. To conclude, deserts are considered as an essential part of nature, and one should not refer them useless because of the hot and dry feature of the deserts. 

Theme: The chapter explores the topic of desert briefly. You will get to know the type of desert, the animals live and what kind of vegetation is found there. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the NCERT English An Alien Hand Class 7 Chapter 3, you will find match the following, short and long answer type questions.  


Chapter 4: The Cop and The Anthem

Summary-  The story revolves around the protagonist named Soapy who was searching for a place to live as winter was approaching. He wanted his three months on Blackwell's Island as a prison. As the island can provide him with food, bed, safe from cold wind and also from cops. 

Although he had other options with him as well in the cities for that, he needed to move from one place to another and ask for food and bed. So, he decided that Blackwell's Island was the better choice for him. 

He then tried different ways of being arrested, such as having a good dinner at a restaurant and not paying for that, or breaking the glass window of a shop or behaving like a drunken man. He even stole someone’s umbrella but failed every time. 

So, when he was walking towards his home, which was just a seat in the park, he came across his old childhood house. His childhood moments realized him the importance of a good life, and he decided to work and earn a living.  But, then a cop arrested him for staring that building for long and put him in prison for three months in Blackwell’s Island.  

Author of “ The Cop and the Anthem”: O. Henry

Theme: The story is about a man who is jobless and attempts to get arrested by cops but fail every time. Then he decided to work and earn a living but the same moment landed him into prison for three months. 

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, short answer type questions and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 5: Golu Grows a Nose

Summary- In this chapter, a baby elephant Golu used to live with his family, including Ostrich, Giraffe, Baboon, and Hippopotamus. His family consider him a naughty baby as he used to ask difficult questions from them. 

Then, one-day Golu asked a Mynah bird about the crocodile and crocodile’s food, and the bird replied to ask crocodile who live in the banks of grassy Limpopo river. Then Golu, started his journey to Limpopo river and on the way met a python. 

When Golu reached the banks of the river, the crocodile was in the river, and then Golu asked crocodile about the whereabouts of a crocodile. Golu also asked crocodile what kind of dinner crocodile eat. Crocodile gets hold of Golu’s nose and pulled Golu into the river. The python who was following the Golu told him to pull hard. The pulling led to the stretch of the Golu’s nose. 

In the last part of the story, python make Golu realized the importance of his long nose. Golu then thanked python and returned to his family.   

Author of “Golu Grows a Nose”: Rudyard Kipling 

Theme: The story is about a baby elephant who was naughty and ask difficult questions everytime. Further, the lesson involves how Golu grows a trunk and what are the benefits of a long nose for the elephant. 

Type of Questions: Solve short answer type questions, long answer type questions and multiple-choice questions. 


Chapter 6: I Want Something in a Cage

Summary- Chapter is a story about a man named Mr. Purcell, who ran a shop of pets and had all kinds of pets. There was a strange kind of noise every time in the shop of animals and birds. But Mr. Purcell never cared about that sound as he was a professional man. 

All the customers who came to buy pets used to praise the animals and call them cute every time.  Also, Mr. Purcell also used to sell fish food and bird seed and prescribed the cure for ailing canaries. 

Then, one fine day, a strange man in shiny shoes and ill-fitting suit came to buy a pet. He was just being released from prison and was uncomfortable with the sound of the animals. He wanted to have pets and earn the pleasure of freeing them. 

He gave the money he earned after working as a prison for buying the doves. The man was also not interested in knowing the methods for caring and feeding the birds, and so he immediately came out of the shop and let the doves fly high in the sky.  

Author of “I Want Something in a Cage”: L. E Greeve

Theme: The chapter displays the happiness of the stranger who made doves free from the cage. 

Type of Questions: For the short & long answers to the questions, you can refer to NCERT Solutions English An Alien Hand Class 7 Chapter 6. 


Chapter 7: Chandni

Summary- The story deals with an older man Abbu Khan and his goats who used to live in Almora. He used to have three goats as pets and also named them as Kalua, Gujri and Moongia. He used to provide his goats with juicy grass and with lots of care and love. 

The goats love their freedom and ran away in the hills to get their freedom and then killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills. When all his goats left him, he decided not to have more goats, but soon he brought a young goat and named it Chandni. 

Chandni used to reciprocate Abbu Khan’ love and care, but after several years Chandni also ran away and reached the hills. Chandni was enjoying her freedom and refused to be a member of the goat’s group. 

Then, wolf came from the bushes and attacked Chandni. Chandni also decided to fight with the wolf, but as morning call, Chandni was completely soaked in blood and was killed by the wolf.  

Author of “Chandni”: Zakir Husain 

Theme: The theme of the story is the bravery and freedom. How the goats of Abbu Khan wants to get free and then later killed by a wolf. The last goat of Abbu Khan, Chandi also ran away and fought with bravery with the wolf but killed in the end. 

Type of Questions: In this chapter, you will find short answer type questions, long answer type questions, fill in the blanks and match the column. 


Chapter 8: The Bear Story

Summary- Chapter 8 is a story about a bear who used to live in an old manor-house on the border of a big forest. The lady brought the bear half-dead from the forest several years ago. The bear used to eat fruit, potatoes and the same food as dogs used to have. 

The children used to play with him, and he loved to play with the dogs. The bear used to live in the kennel and often found outside the kennel staring the fields. The bear was put on chains at night and Sundays. 

Every Sunday, the lady used to visit her sister for lunch and used to put bear into chains and promised to reward him if he behaved like a good boy. Then, one Sunday, when the lady was crossing the forest, she came across the bear. 

She then scolded the bear and asked the bear to return to the house and also she hit him so hard that the nose of the bear broke down. But when she returned home, she was told by her cook that bear hasn't moved from the kennel. 

Author of “ The Bear Story”: Axel Munthe

Theme: The story about a bear who was very loyal towards his mistress. The bear used to eat vegetarian food and loves to play with dogs and small children. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find short and long answer type questions to attempt. 


Chapter 9: A Tiger in the House

Summary- In this chapter, grandfather brought a little tiger from Terair Jungle near Dehra. Then the grandmother named the tiger Timothy. Apart from the tiger, the couple had two more pets- a monkey named Toto, and a puppy named Mongrel. 

With time, three animals have grown, and when the author went to his grandfather's house, he faced difficulty while taking the tiger to the walk. Then one day, the grandmother found Timothy on the bed of the cook, and there was no sign of the cook. 

Grandfather decided to transfer the Timothy to the Lucknow’s zoo. After six months, grandfather got the chance to visit Lucknow and visit Timothy. When he met the tiger, he put his hand on the tiger forehead and tiger started licking him. 

Later in the concluding part, grandfather found out that his Timothy died two months back and that tiger was another tiger brought from the hills. He gave goodbye to the tiger and walked briskly out of the zoo. 

Author of “ A Tiger in the House”: Ruskin Bond 

Theme: The theme of the story revolves around the love between the tiger and the grandfather. The story deals with how the tiger, puppy and monkey became good friends. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the NCERT English An Alien in Hand Class 7 Chapter 9, you will wide range of questions, short & long answer type questions, match the following, and fill in the blanks. 


Chapter 10: An Alien Hand 

Summary- The lesson starts when a boy named Tilloo tried to enter his father’s office but was scolded by his mother. Tilloo’s father used to work in a forbidden route in which no one is allowed to enter. 

One day, Tilloo got hold of his father’ identity card and went to his office. With the help of the card, when he entered the area, he was caught in the camera and was returned to his parents. Then his father told him that he worked on the surface where you cannot survive without oxygen cylinder and well-equipped clothes.

Then, a strange thing was shown on the camera, the colleagues of Tilloo’s father suggested to observe that thing from a far distance. The strange thing was confirmed as a spacecraft only. 

Then, later in the chapter, when Tilloo went to visit his father’s office, he mistakenly pressed the red button. After the press conference, it was stated that there were no signs of life on the planet Mars. 

Author of “ An Alien Hand”: Jayant Narlikar

Theme: The story tells the theme of life on Mars or not. Further, the story includes spacecraft, Viking Mission to Mars explains briefly.

Type of Questions: Solve short answer type questions, long answer type questions and the comprehension questions given in this chapter. 


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