NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English - Honeycomb

NCERT English - Honeycomb

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb provided by Goprep are developed by highly experienced and qualified teachers. The CBSE Class 7 English Book includes short stories and poems. Therefore, the solutions that we offer comprise of all the questions that are part of NCERT English Honeycomb Book for Class 7. The solutions are formulated in a way that will not only enable you to resolve your doubts but also aid you to understand difficult questions quite easily. Each topic in the English book is explained in an easy-to-understand language to help students score better in the exam.

Gradeup provides chapter wise detailed NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Solutions so that you can practice each topic to understand in better way. Below, you can find solved questions for each chapter from the CBSE NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Textbook.

NCERT English Class 7 Honeycomb Solutions - All Chapters

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The chapter-wise Class 7 English Honeycomb Solutions are available in an easy to understand manner. The English solutions are made available for each chapter and poem to help students cover the whole syllabus. Based on the latest syllabus of CBSE English, our Class 7 English Solutions are reliable and come with zero-error. These solutions are available for practice and can be downloaded for free of cost. Moreover, the CBSE 7th class English Solutions help students revise the whole syllabus in a quick-time without investing much time.

The CBSE English Solutions for Class 7 comprise of questions and their easy to understand answers to aid students to prepare each topic comprehensively. It is always recommended to study Goprep’s NCERT Solution for Class 7th English as it encompasses the entire syllabus.

NCERT Class 7 Honeycomb- English Solutions (Chapter-Wise Description)

Chapter 1: Three Questions 

Summary- The story revolves around a king who was looking answers for his three questions. The three questions were- “ The right time to start anything?, The most important action to do?, and Who are the important people for him?”. 

Many wise men gave diverse answers, but the king was not happy with any of them. He then disguised as a common man and went to visit a hermit. He asked his questions to him, but hermit kept quiet. The king then helped hermit in digging the ground. 

Later, a wounded bearded man approached the king. The king aided his wound and offered him fresh water to drink. Next day, the bearded man asked for forgiveness from the king because he was the enemy of the king and came to kill the king. On the way, the man was wounded by the king's bodyguard.  

In the end, hermit gave the king answers to his questions that the present time of an individual was the best. Also, the important person and the essential business was related to that particular time or moment only. 

Author of “Three Questions”: Leo Tolstoy

Theme: The theme of the NCERT English Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 1 is to focus on the present time. You have the power to act on the current time, and this is the reason why a particular moment and the person in it is important. 

Type of Questions: Match the column, fill in the blanks, complete the sentence and short & long answer type questions. 


Chapter 2: A Gift of Chappals

Summary- The NCERT English Honeycomb textbook for Class 7 Chapter 2 is a story about three children- Meena, Ravi and Mridu. Mridu went with her grandmother to visit her Rukku Manni aunty. At first, Ravi dragged Mridu to the backyard where he kept a small cat named Mahendran. 

Then, Mridu heard a noise and Ravi told her that it was Lalli who was learning the piano from a music master. When the children were observing the music master and Lalli, a beggar shouted “Amma” at the gate. 

Then Rukku Manni shouted to a beggar to leave as there is nothing left in the kitchen. The beggar pleaded to allow him to take rest under the tree as the sun is hot and his feet were blistered. 

Later, Mridu found old-looking chappal of music master and gave that pair to the beggar. After a few hours, children told Rukku Manni that they gifted the chappal of a music teacher to an old beggar, and she in return gave Gopu Mama’s new chappal to the teacher. 

Author of “ A Gift of Chappals”: Vasantha Surya

Theme: This chapter will let students understand the importance of being kind to beggars. The three children of the house gifted music teacher’s chappal to the beggar that show their act of generosity. 

Type of Questions: You will be required to solve questions related to the chapter, questions related to grammar and questions from in-between the text. 


Chapter 3: Gopal and the Hilsa Fish 

Summary- The story started in the season of Hilsa Fish, and everyone was so fascinated by Hilsa Fish that they could think of Hilsa Fish only. Fisherman used to sell the Hilsa Fish only, and conversation in houses was related to Hilsa Fish only. 

The discussion in the palace was nothing but related to Hilsa Fish only. The king also realized that it was the season of Hilsa Fish and no one even Gopal can stop anyone to talk about the same. 

Then, the king challenged to Gopal to bring a Hilsa Fish to the palace and that too without anyone asking about the same. Later, Gopal started to get ready for buying the Hilsa Fish. He wore old ragged clothes, half-shaved his beard and smeared his face with ashes. 

After getting the fish, he proceeded towards the palace. No one asked about Hilsa Fish to Gopal; rather everyone was commenting about his looks. In the palace also, no one spoke a word about Hilsa Fish. In the end, the king appreciated the wisdom of Gopal as he achieved the impossible again. 

Theme: With his wisdom, Gopal won the challenge thrown to him by the king. You can conclude that nothing is impossible if you know how to use your knowledge wisely. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find true or false, short and long answer type questions to attempt. 


Chapter 4: The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom

Summary- The story was set in the good old days of Daimios, where lived an old couple with a little pet dog. The couple used to love the dog and feed the dog with fish and rice. The old man was a rice farmer and everyday while working on the fields; he used to give food to the birds. 

One day, the dog guided the old man to a land where he found a pile of gold. The old couple soon became rich. In the same village, a wicked couple used to live who were not kind to animals. The wicked couple persuaded the dog to find the treasure for them as well. 

When they failed in finding the gold, they killed the dog and buried him near the pine tree. Later,  the spirit of the dog told the good old man to cut the pine tree and make a mortar and a mill. In the process, the good old couple again got some gold coins. 

In the same way, the spirit of the dog helped the good old couple in various ways, and the couple soon became very rich. But the wicked old and greedy couple every time failed to get gold, and in the end was killed by the Daimio, the king himself. 

Author of “The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom”: William Elliot Griffis

Theme: The theme of the NCERT English Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 4 is all about kindness and thoughtfulness. You will study how the good deeds of the kind couple make them rich while the bad act of the greedy couple resulted in killing them.  

Type of Questions: Covering the different sections of the exam, the chapter includes various questions related to language, writing and literature. 

Chapter 5: Quality

Summary- The story “Quality” is narrated by the author, who was familiar with the shoemaker for the last few years. The small shop in London which did not have any signs apart from the name of Gessler Brothers. 

The brothers used to make boots only on orders and felt that they were an artist. The boots were of supreme quality and lasted long as Mr.Gessler used to put all his hard effort and dedication to each shoe. 

Then, one day, the author complained that his last experience was not satisfactory, to that Mr Gessler promised to repair the shoe or return the money. He also pointed to the big brand’s shopkeepers who lure customers with their advertisement but fail to provide comfortable boots to customers. 

After several months, when the author went again to Gessler Brothers shop, he came to know that the elder brother had passed away. Later in the lesson, the author went to thank the Gessler but soon realized the shop was replaced by some other shoemaker. He was informed by the shopkeeper that Mr.Gessler died because of starvation.  

Author of “Quality”: John Galsworthy

Theme: The story revolves around the skill of the shoemaker who provides the best quality shoes to the customers. For the writer, the shoemaker was an artist. 

Type of Questions: Short & long answer type questions, fill in the blanks and match the following. 


Chapter 6: Expert Detectives

Summary- Chapter 6 “Expert Detectives” is a lesson about two small children who performed the role of detectives in the finding of Mr Nath. Maya, the girl child, commented that Mr. Nath was a monster and a crook as he exactly looks like one.  

Then, a boy of seven years old and also called Seven named Nishad put down his statement that Mr.Nath looked like a poor guy and not a monster or criminal. Maya argued that Mr. Nath was not poor as everyday Mr. Mehta, the owner of the nearby restaurant used to send a delivery boy Ramesh with proper food. 

Children often steal the chance of visiting Mr. Nath to get a glimpse of him and his house in order to get more information related to him. They even at times confront the delivery boy Ramesh to get any news about Mr. Nath. 

Later, in the second part of the chapter, Maya wrote down some important facts which they know about Mr. Nath. But Seven was not ready to accept Mr. Nath as a crook as he wanted to befriend him. So, he left Maya alone with her theories. 

Author of “Expert Detectives”: Sharada Dwivedi 

Theme: The theme of the chapter is about two children who want to know about a person living in their neighbourhood as they find him suspicious and interesting on the same hand. 

Type of Questions: Match the following, fill in the blanks, short and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 7: The Invention of Vita-Wonk

Summary- Chapter 7 is the story of a scientist named Mr. Willy Wonka, who invented a Wonka-Vite solution that helped people to become younger all over again. But the solution became too strong that some people disappeared after drinking that. 

Then, Mr. Wonka decided to produce another solution to make people old. So, he started again to work for it. He started looking for the answers to the questions like the oldest tree, animal etc. He then immediately jumped into his glass elevator with some special items from all the oldest living things. 

In the second part of the chapter, he told his assistance Charlie what kinds of different materials he collected for his experiment. He also narrated him that after lots of boiling, bubbling, mixing and testing, a black liquid was produced. 

To test the liquid, he gave that liquid to one of his volunteer Oompa-Loompa, and soon the volunteer began wrinkling and losing his hair and teeth. The young fellow of twenty-year-old soon became an older person of around seventy-five. 

Author of “The Invention of Vita-Wonk”: Roald Dahl

Theme: A scientist invented a solution and named that Vita-Wonk through which a person can become old quickly. 

Type of Questions: After reading the chapter, solve all the questions given at the back of the lesson. Refer to the NCERT Solutions English Honeycomb for Class 7 Chapter 7 for the answers of all the questions. 

Chapter 8: Fire-Friend and Foe

Summary- In NCERT English Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 8, you will find all the information related to fire. You will discover many facts related to fire in this chapter. The impact of lightning and volcanoes was seen by early people, and they feel the fire as a powerful and dangerous weapon. 

As it is now, everyone knows that fire is a result of a chemical reaction. There are three important things which are needed to light up the fire. These are oxygen, fuel, and heat. Petrol, cooking gas, wood are some of the examples of fuel, while oxygen is found in the air. 

You need to heat the fuel and oxygen before it catches fire and for that, you can use a matchbox. A flashpoint is the temperature at which fuel starts to burn. Fire is useful, but you also need to control it. 

You will study in this chapter, the three different ways of controlling the fire. One is to avoid adding fuel to it; the second is to prevent oxygen from reaching the fire or adding carbon dioxide to it. The third way to remove the heat by pouring the water into it.

To conclude, fire is an important thing and is worshipped in many parts of the country, but you should know the right measures to keep it under control. 

Theme: The chapter provides information related to fire. The benefits of fire, the discovery of fire, and how to cope up with fire. 

Type of Questions: Questions related to text, language and grammar as well. You need to read the text of the chapter carefully to answer the comprehension questions give in-between the chapter. 

Chapter 9: A Bicycle in Good Repair

Summary- The lesson started when a man known to the author asked for a bicycle ride to the following day. The author agreed and next day waited for him in the garden. The man after looking at the bicycle violently treated it. 

He started complaining about the bicycle and took out his front wheel. Then he started unscrewing something somewhere and also took out the gear-case of the cycle. The author wanted to throw that man out of the gate as he was not an expert mechanic, but he was unable to do that. 

Later, after fixing the wheels of the bicycle, he rode the cycle and lost his balance and fell on the ground. The two-three attempts of the same made him frustrated, and he left. 

The author felt that it was the punishment given to him for disturbing the machine again and again.   

Author of “A Bicycle in Good Repair”: Jerome K. Jerome

Theme: The author narrated an incident in which a friend of him started repairing his bicycle. After repairing that he rode and fell from it. The author felt that it was the punishment given to him by the machine for overhauling it. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find short and long answer type questions, fill in the blanks related to grammar. 

Chapter 10: The Story of Cricket

Summary- “The Story of Cricket” is a lesson related to the history of cricket. In this chapter, you will find how a cricket evolved from the past years. The definition of the bat and how the bat curved from the hockey stick.

The lesson also explains that cricket is the only game which can last for five days.  Another major characteristic of cricket is the pitch which is stretched in 22 yards. 

Cricket was the earliest modern game, and in 1744 all the laws related to cricket were written. Next big thing is the equipment of the same. 

The broadcasting of the game changed the mindset of the people and the technology expanded the audience for the game. The cricket now has beamed into small towns and villages. These small changes brought a remarkable effect on global commerce and technology.   

Author of “The Story of Cricket”: Ramachandra Guha 

Theme: The theme of the chapter states the importance of sports in an individual life. You will understand the cricket in a better way, and the history of the same is explained in a brief manner. 

Type of Questions:  You will find questions related to the chapter, and questions that will check your language and grammar-related skills. 

Advantages of Studying with NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb

The questions asked in CBSE class 7 English exams are mainly from the exercises covered in the NCERT Book for Class 7. Therefore, we have compiled NCERT solution for class 7th English that is based on exercises given in the book. Goprep is home to some of the best English teachers who draft solutions for question post extensive research and thought.

So, in this way these solutions enable students to experience multifaceted benefits when it comes to preparing for the English exam. Continue to read below to learn about the benefits of studying English Honeycomb with the help of NCERT Class 7 Solutions.

  • Detailed solutions compiled after thorough research
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  • Covers solutions for each chapter
  • Helps score better marks

FAQS | NCERT Class 7 English Book - Honeycomb

Students looking to study with the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb face many doubts regarding the use and benefit of such solutions. To solve such queries, we have compiled the most popular questions that students are asked frequently. Follow these questions to address your queries.

Do the CBSE 7th Class English Honeycomb solutions cover all the questions asked in the NCERT English Textbook?

Yes, we have covered all the questions that are included in class 7 NCERT English book. The solutions are based on the latest exam syllabus for the English subject prescribed by the board. So, you can rely on Goprep to make your preparations for the English subject.

Can I trust in CBSE 7th class English Honeycomb NCERT Solutions to supplement my exam preparation?

Yes, of course. Because the English solutions have been prepared by highly qualified teachers having years of experience. Moreover, these solutions are based on the updated syllabus of the 7th Class and thus help students prepare for the English exam in a better way.

Are the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb available for free?

NCERT CBSE Class 7 English Syllabus made available by Goprep is available for free of cost. You can access NCERT Solutions for each chapter of English Honeycomb without any cost and without paying any cost.

Can I Improve my score in English exam by studying with NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb?

Yes, you can certainly improve your performance in the English exam by studying with the help of our NCERT English Honeycomb. These solutions cover detailed and accurate description of complex topics which enable students to target each question properly thereby scoring good marks.

Final Words

To sum up, the NCERT Class 7 English Textbook has been developed to foster easy understanding and learning. The solution for every question has been made available after analyzing the answer carefully. Solutions in English are elaborate and easy to understand. Thus, by studying with the help of Goprep’s NCERT Solutions in English, students can reap the rewards by performing better and scoring more marks.