CBSE Class 8


CBSE Class 8 Solutions are prepared exclusively for you by the Goprep subject experts. The CBSE NCERT Class 8 subjects include Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. At Goprep, our experts have prepared the best Class study material, including NCERT Solutions for all the subjects, Previous year papers, and the most trusted Reference books.

CBSE Class 8 study material will help you get good marks in the exam. You can prepare for the competitive exams with the help of the study material provided here. The study material provided here is based on the latest syllabus, and you can access them for free.

CBSE Class 8 - All Subjects

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To get good marks in the exams, it is essential to make your concepts clear and strong. The best way to clear your doubts and learn all the possible concepts mentioned in each chapter is by referring to the right study material.

Key Highlights of Goprep's CBSE Board Class 8 Solutions

  • The CBSE Class 8 study material is based on the NCERT textbooks
  • You get complete NCERT Solutions for all the subjects
  • We have compiled the Previous Year Papers for more practice
  • You get the complete Solutions of most trusted reference books  
  • Through Class 8 previous year papers, you can assess your exam preparation
  • The CBSE Class 8 study material is prepared on the basis of the latest syllabus approved by CBSE
  • You can prepare for both school exam and competitive exam with the help of CBSE Class 8 study material
  • Most importantly the study material for CBSE Class 8 is free of cost

FAQs regarding CBSE Board Class 8 Solutions

We have listed down some of the frequent questions students often ask. You can refer them if you have any doubts regarding the CBSE Class 8 Study Material.

How does one study for Class 8 annual exam?

You should complete the NCERT textbooks first before you jump into the reference books. Students of Class 8 generally get enrolled for the competitive Classes which affect their performance as the syllabus of competitive exams is very wide.

We would suggest students complete the NCERT textbooks first. Once your doubts are clear, you can then move to the reference books for further practice. Finally, you can solve the NCERT Class 8 previous year question papers to test your knowledge. This way, you can plan your study plan and stay ahead in the competition.

How much time should I study in Class 8?

Whatever time you are investing, make sure that you make the most of it. It is important to use your time wisely. Thus, we suggest you create a time table so that you can follow it sincerely.

What are the top study tips for Class 8 students for Final Exams?

Following are the top study tips our subject experts have prepared. You could follow them to get good marks in CBSE Class 8th exam:

  • Check out the official syllabus first
  • Refer NCERT textbook and Solutions
  • Make a list of important topics and invest proper time to study them
  • Make a list of your doubts
  • Refer Goprep study material to clear your doubts
  • You can also refer to the NCERT Solutions if you find yourself stuck
  • Practice as much as you can
  • To learn the concepts, try to pen them down
  • Solve previous year papers to test your knowledge
  • Use reference books to practice more

What is the best CBSE study plan for Class 8?

The best study plan is the one which focused, structured and comprehensive. Before you start your preparation, make a study plan based on the various subjects and the level of difficulty. Prioritize them and prepare accordingly. To test the level of your preparation, you can solve the previous year papers. Also, you can refer to the most recommended extra books to make your concepts strong.

Where can I get the best yet free Study Material for CBSE Class 8?

You can get the free study material for CBSE Class 8 at Goprep. The most experienced subject experts prepare the study material. Through Goprep study material, you can make your base of concepts strong. In fact, you can prepare for the competitive exam through our study plan.