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NCERT English - It So Happened

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened: The English Subject is one of the important subjects that is taught in school. The different aspects of grammar from literature form the major part of the English Language subject of schools’ curriculum. The English Language Subject is important for the students not only in passing the exams but also enhancing the communication skills and helping in future job prospects.

In Class 8th, students are prescribed with the "It So Happened" textbook in the English subject, approved by CBSE. At Goprep, we are offering you with NCERT Solutions for Class 8th of English It So Happened Textbook. Having the online access of the same, this NCERT Solution helps you in scoring good marks in the exam.

NCERT Class 8 English Solutions (It So Happened) - All Chapters

The NCERT Solutions curated by the Subject Experts of Goprep assist students in the most efficient manner as the questions are answered in the structured form. The solutions are prepared by the mentors who hold great expertise in the subject. Further, the solutions are drafted in simple and easy to understand the language that will surely help you in getting well-acquainted with the chapters of the subject. So, check out all the chapters of the NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Textbook below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English-It So Happened (Chapter-Wise Description)

Chapter 1: How the Camel got his Hump

Summary: Chapter 1 of NCERT English It So Happened Class 8 is a story about a camel who was lazy and did not want to work. He lived in the middle of a Howling Desert and ate prickles, sticks, and thorns. The camel used to utter one word i.e. “Humph” in response to everyone. 

Then, horse asked camel to trot like them, dog asked camel to fetch like them, and ox asked camel to plough like them, camel answered all three “Humph” and did not move from his position. So, when three animals told the man about the camel, the man ordered them to leave the camel and worked on double-timing to make up for the camel as well. 

Later in the chapter, Djinn met camel and told him to work, but camel did not reply the Djinn and said “Humph”. Soon, camel’s back gets a big hump. Djinn then told camel that the hump was to store food and water for a longer period. Also, he suggested behaving well with other animals. 

Author of “How the Camel Got His Hump”: Rudyard Kipling

Theme: The theme of the story states that every individual is responsible for work, and he/she should follow that otherwise punishment should be given to him/her.   

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find short & long answer type questions to attempt. 

Chapter 2: Children at Work

Summary: Chapter 2 “ Children at Work” revolves around a small boy, Velu, who ran from his village because of his father who used to beat him up and landed at Chennai Central. The station was so full of people, and he had never seen so many people. 

Feeling miserable and afraid of the people, he sat on the bench on the platform, putting his head down on his knees. His thoughts were suddenly shaken by a rough voice asking him his whereabouts. When he opened his eyes, he saw a girl of his age wearing a banian and carrying a huge sack on one shoulder. 

Then, the girl asked his name and promised him to find some food for Velu. Velu followed the girl for an hour,  and they reached a marriage hall. The girl then took Velu to a big garbage bin with rubbish all around and gave him a banana and vada to eat. 

The girl introduced herself as Jaya and asked Velu to help her in collecting rubbish things as she was a ragpicker. Velu never thought he had to dig garbage bins to make his living, but he followed Jaya for ragpicking. He thought to continue the work till the time he gets something better. 

Author of “Children at Work”: Gita Wolf, Orijit Sen & Anushka Ravishankar

Theme: The story is about a boy who ran away from his village and landed to become a ragpicker to earn a living for him. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find short and long answer type questions to attempt. 

Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant

Summary: The story of “The Selfish Giant” startswith a beautiful garden where children used to play every afternoon. The garden belonged to the giant and was a lovely garden with soft green grass. Also, the birds sat on trees and sang so sweetly. 

Then, one day giant returned from his trip and scolded the children in his gruff voice not to enter in his garden, and cross the big wall. Children stopped playing in the giant’s garden. After some time, Spring came all over the country, but there was winter in a giant’s garden. 

In the giant’s garden, there were no birds sang, no children played, no trees blossomed, and spring has forgotten his garden. There were snow and frost all around the garden. As the giant was so selfish, not only Spring, Summer & Autumn also not visited his garden.  

Then, one day children stepped into the giant’s garden, and there was Spring again with a wonderful sight. The sight of the small kid who was not able to climb the tree had melted the giant’ heart, and he was transformed into a good man. After several years, giant died under the tree and was covered in white blossoms.  

Author of “The Selfish Giant”: Oscar Wilde   

Theme: The theme of the story of the NCERT English It so Happened Class 8 Chapter 3 is the selfless love. The giant who was selfish but melted at the sight of the small kid. How he transformed himself into a good person and shared his garden with children. 

Type of Questions: You need to attempt short and long answer type questions given at the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 4: The Treasure Within

Summary: Chapter 4 is an interview and based on the conversation between Mr. Hafeez Contractor, who is India’s popular architect and Ms Bela Raja who is an editor of a newsletter from the Resource Centre. 

Mr. Hafeez told Ms. Bela that he used to have terrible nightmares about a Maths exam in which he did not know anything. So, as asked by Bela, Hafeez started remembering his old school days. He told her that he was not a bright student and was rather interested in playing games, running around, playing jokes on others. 

Then, in the eleventh standard, he was told by his principal that his mother worked so hard for his school fees and he started studying and got 50 percent in SSC. Hafeez later told Bela of his entry into architecture. 

He used to visit his cousin sister husband’ office, who was an architect to study french from his sister. There he corrected a man who was drawing a window and suggested some good ideas for the drawing.

Presently, Hafeez used to draw the structure of the building by reading his client’s face, the eating habits, clothes styles, way of talking etc. He then instantly draws the same and calls that derivation of Mathematics, which he used to hate in school days. 

Theme: Finding the real treasure within you is the real theme of the NCERT It so Happened Class 8 Chapter 4. The story is based on the conversation between an editor of the newspaper, and India’s leading architects. 

Type of Questions: Attempt short and long answer type questions at the end of the chapter and also in-between the chapter as comprehensive questions. 

Chapter 5: Princess September

Summary: The story begins in the palace of Siam, and the king & queen of Siam had nine daughters and named them as of January, February, and so on. September was the youngest princess. On king’s birthday, he gave each of his daughters a green parrot in a golden cage. 

Then one day, the green parrot of princess September was found dead in its golden cage.  When she was lying in her bed and crying, she saw a little bird hopped into her room and sang all beautiful songs for her. The little bird asked the princess to have her in place of her parrot. 

Then, the princess showed her little bird to everyone and bird sang songs. Everyone was so happy and amazed at the bird. After several days, the sisters advised September to keep the bird in the cage. 

Later, September put the bird into a golden cage to keep it safe. The bird requested to free her, but September refused. Soon bird stopped singing and eating, and September felt that the bird was dead and opened the gate of the cage. Princess then freed the bird to keep it happy and later married a king of Cambodia. 

Author of “Princess September”: Somerset Maugham 

Theme: In this story, you will understand the importance of freedom for not only humans but also birds. The parrot died in the cage, and even the small bird was also about to die in the golden cage. 

Type of Questions: Solve short answer type questions and long answer type questions from this chapter. Refer NCERT Solutions It so Happened for Class 8 for answers of the questions. 

Chapter 6: The Fight

Summary: The NCERT English It So Happened Class 8 Chapter 6 discusses the story of two boys. One of them is Ranji, who was living in Rajpur with his family. It was  the time of summer when he discovered a pool in the forest. 

The second day, when Ranji came again in the cold water of the pool, he saw a boy staring at him rudely. The boy asked Ranji to leave the pool as the pool belonged to him only. Soon the argument between the two turned into a fight. 

Then, the fight led neither of the boy victorious, and they agreed to continue the fight the next day as well. The next day, Ranji arrived near the pool, the boy asked him to swim on the other side of the pool to continue the fight. 

Ranji dived into the pool, which made other boy amazed. The other boy introduced himself as Suraj and asked Ranji to teach him underwater swimming and diving. In return, Suraj promised to share his food with Ranji to make him strong. 

Author of “The Fight”: Ruskin Bond

Theme: The story is about two boys who were once fought but soon become good friends because of the skills they have within. 

Type of Questions: Attempt short and long answer type questions from this chapter. 

Chapter 7: The open Window

Summary: Chapter 7 deals with the nervousness of Mr. Framton Nuttel, who went to the countryside for his treatment. There he met a girl named Veera who was calm and confident. Veera asked Nuttel to wait for his aunt Mrs. Sappleton. 

Veera then told Nuttel the tragedy which happened in Sappleton’ family three years ago. She narrated that her aunt’s two brothers and husband went out for shooting from that open window and never came back. 

Mrs. Sappleton arrived and started talking about the birds and shooting. Then suddenly she cried that they had come at last. Veera and Nuttel were horrified as they saw three figures walking towards the lawn. 

Nuttel went away without saying goodbye, and later Veera told that he was afraid of the dogs. 

Author of “The Open Window”: Saki (H.H Munro)

Theme: The chapter describes the nervousness of Nuttel and how that was treated after listening to a bad story of Mrs. Sappleton’s brother and husband. 

Type of Questions: Attempt short and long answer type questions provided at the end of the chapter. For checking the answers, you can refer to NCERT Solutions English It So Happened Class 8.  

Chapter 8: Jalebis

Summary: In this chapter, the author is narrating one of his childhood incidents related to Jalebis. He started his story when he was in the fifth standard at the government school Kambelpur. He had four rupees in his pocket to pay his school fees. But as the teacher was on leave. 

The jingling of coins persuaded him to spend the money on fresh and hot jalebis. He was intelligent and belonged to a well-reputed family but at the same time was tempted by the jalebis. He decided to get jalebis after he was full, he distributed jalebis to small children and beggars. 

The next day, he was told that his scholarship would be provided next month. So, when the teacher asked for fees, he ran away and under a tree prayed to God to give him four rupees. On the second day, he again left the school and under the tree prayed to God for money. 

Later, he was caught, and till eight standard he kept wondering why Allah-Miyan has not helped him. To conclude, he stated that if Allah would have given a man everything he asked for, then man would possibly be living like animals and not making the jalebis. 

Author of “ Jalebis”: Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Theme: The theme of the story is faith towards God. The small boy used to pray to Allah to give him four-rupees so that he can pay his school fees. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, solve short and long answer type questions to understand the chapter better. 

Chapter 9: The Comet -I

Summary: The main protagonist of the lesson Duttada was an amateur astronomer who was keen to discover a new comet. Comet comes from the distance of the solar system and revolves around the Sun.  

One of the December’s nights, he was waiting to see the comet through his telescope which he called as Dibya Chakshu. He discovered a new comet that day, and the news was published in Anandabazar Patrika. The discovery was named as Comet Dutta.

In the second part of the story, the Provest gave James, an astronomer an envelope, in which John Macpherson invited James to his London office. There James got to know that Comet Dutta was about to collide with earth in ten months. 

Then, they made some calculations and started the preparation to save the world and shoot the comet as soon as possible. 

Theme: The theme of the chapter is about a man who was so passionate to fulfil his dreams of discovering the comet. 

Type of Questions: Solve short answer type questions and long answer type questions at the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 10: The Comet-II

Summary: This chapter begins with the conference of scientists who were making different calculations to save the impact of the comet. Some scientists believed that there would be no escape from the comet, but other suggested that an offensive action with the help of nuclear power would be required. 

When Duttada’s return to his village, he saw his wife had arranged a yajna to decrease the impact of a comet. He was not superstitious and refused to be part of the yajna.  

Then, Project Light Brigade introduced when Comet Dutta was heading towards the Earth. Duttada kept looking at the stars through his dibya. Then on 18 November, he received the message from Sir John letting him know that Comet Dutta passed the Earth without much of destruction. 

Indrani Debi, the wife of Duttada, commented that no disaster of the Comet Dutta was because of the yajna. To conclude, the difference  between the two countries was shown drastically. 

Author of “The Comet-II”: Jayant Narlikar 

Theme: The theme states the difference between the rich and poor, educated and illiterate, and the rational and the superstitious. 

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions, long answer type questions and multiple-choice questions. 

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