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CBSE Class 6 is one of the important classes of secondary school education, which requires a lot of attention in building the base. To master the subjects of CBSE Board Class 6, effective and structured study is a must. There is a total of five major subjects in Class 6 of CBSE board, these are- Hindi, English, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. The chapters given in these subjects are majorly focused on preparing you for higher education.

CBSE Class 6 syllabus is based on the NCERT textbooks, which is prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education. To score good marks in class 6, NCERT textbooks are not enough. One should also solve the Class 6 previous year question papers, refer to the most recommended reference books like R.D Sharma, R.S Aggarwal, and other reference books. We, at Goprep, have prepared the most effective yet structured study material for Class 6 CBSE board below. 

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The CBSE class 6 study material is prepared by the Goprep subject experts. Our experts have carefully designed the study material keeping in the mind the difficulty level of each chapter of Class 6 subjects. The good part is you can access them for free, there are no hidden charges to avail the study material. The class 6 study material provided by us will surely help you score good marks in the exam.

Key Highlights of Goprep's CBSE Board Class 6 Study Material

  • The study material provided by Goprep is free of cost
  • You get the high-quality subject wise study material for the exam preparation
  • The experienced subject experts prepare the study material
  • The study material is free from any error or conceptual mistake
  • The solutions given in study material is detailed and easy to learn
  • You can revise through the Goprep Class 6 study material
  • The study material focus on increasing your speed and the problem-solving skills

FAQs regarding CBSE Board Class 6 Solutions

We have compiled below some of the common doubts students generally ask. Read further to get more details about the CBSE Class 6 study material and its importance.

Where can I get free study material for CBSE Board class 6?

You can get the free study material for CBSE Board class 6 at Goprep. Our experienced subject experts have prepared the study material based on the latest syllabus approved by CBSE. There are no hidden charges to access the free study material at Goprep.

How to prepare for the CBSE class 6 exams?

Class 6 syllabus and the difficulty level is comparatively different as compared to the prior classes. Thus it requires your attention and time if you aim to score well in the exam. At Grade School, we provide free study material which is comprehensive, and well-structured.

Classroom study is not enough to prepare for the CBSE class 6 exams. It is highly recommended to refer the standard reference books apart from NCERT textbooks. But before you move to the reference books, it is important that you finish the NCERT class 6 textbooks first.

Not just that, you should also solve the sample papers and the Class 6 previous year question papers to get good command in every subject. The previous year question papers will help you analyze the weak areas and let you know the preparation level so that you can focus on the subjects which require more practice.

Is it safe to refer to the additional reference books for Class 6?

Yes, it is totally safe to use the additional reference books for class 6th once you complete the NCERT textbook. While studying from the additional reference books, make sure you cover the official syllabus and don’t go out of syllabus.

Why choose Goprep class 6 CBSE Board study material?

Goprep class 6 CBSE Board study material will help you enhance your problem-solving skills. Not just that, it will also help you improve your time management skills, so that you can make the best use of the time duration given in the exam. Through Goprep study material, you can definitely stay ahead in the competition.