NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - Honeysuckle

NCERT English - Honeysuckle

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle is given chapter-wise in details. English is a tricky subject, but with the right resources, you can quickly master this subject. If you wish to achieve good marks in the Class 6 English subject, then you must not divert from the NCERT textbook.  

Class 6 English consists of two books approved by CBSE, and these are 'A Pact with the Sun' and 'Honeysuckle'. Honeysuckle is a book of poems for Class 6th English subject. It contains a total of 10 units. At Goprep, we provide complete solutions to all the questions asked in each unit in a simple way. You will find the solutions more meaningful and easy. We have listed down the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle for you below.

NCERT English Class 6 Solutions - Honeysuckle (All Chapters)

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NCERT Class 6 English Honeysuckle Solutions (Chapter-wise description)

Chapter 1: Who did Patrick’s Homework?

Summary- The story ‘Who did Patrick’s Homework?’ is about Patrick and his homework. Patrick hated doing his homework and found it boring. Rather he was interested in playing games like hockey, basketball, and Nintendo. 

Then one fine day, he got a doll who was in fact a little man. That little man asked Patrick to save him, and in return, he promised to grant a wish to Patrick.

Patrick saved the little man and asked him to do all his homework till the end of the semester in order to get A’s. The little man agreed and began his work in right earnest. However, he was facing difficulty and often he demands Patrick’s help. 

For every subject, Patrick had to sit beside the elf and guide him all the time. Patrick had to read all the books out to the elf. Finally, the semester ended and the elf was free to go and Patrick got his A’s. 

In the end, everyone was so surprised by the new attitude and dedication of Patrick.  

Author of “Who Did Patrick’s Homework?’’: Carol Moore

Theme: The theme of the story, ‘ Who did Patrick’s Homework?’ revolves around the lazy boy Patrick who hates doing his homework. To conclude, nothing is impossible if you put a little bit of hard work to it.  

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, short questions in between the chapter, long questions and crossword puzzle. 

Chapter 2:  How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?

Summary- Chapter 2 “How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?” is centred around a dog. Dogs used to live in the forests like wolves and were their own masters. 

Then one day , there happened to be a dog who did not like this kind of life and he decided to become a servant of the one who was stronger than anybody else. On the way, dog saw a big wolf and requested the wolf to be his master. So, wolf became dog’s first master.  

Moving forward, they met a bear and dog realized that the bear was stronger than the wolf, so he left wolf and started serving the bear. Soon after he found that the bear was afraid of the lion, so the dog decided to serve the lion. 

After spending quite a long time with lion, the dog decided to leave the lion. Dog came to know that man is the strongest of all and he moved with the man. Since then dog serving the the man and became his most loyal servant.  

Author of “How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?”: 

Theme: “How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?” is a story about a dog searching for a master.

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, match the following, short and long answer type questions are provided to you in the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Taro’s Reward

Summary-  In chapter 3, “ Taro’s Reward” of NCERT Class 6 Honeysuckle, Taro a young woodcutter used to live with his old parents on a hillside. He used to remain sad all the time because he was earning a small amount of money. 

Then one day, his father was feeling cold and wished to have a cup of sake, which is quite costly and he cannot afford to fulfil his father’s wish. Next day, he made his way to the forest again. 

As he was feeling thirsty, he heard a sound of water falling somewhere nearby him. He then found a small but beautiful waterfall. To his surprise, it was not water but sake. He then filled a pitcher with sake and ran for his home.

Taro’s father was happy after drinking sake, which Taro brought for him. Then one visitor from the village visited them and he was offered sake. Soon the story of magic waterfall spread in the village and the next morning, all the villagers reached the magic waterfall. When they tasted the liquid, they realized it was cold water and the sake. 

Again Taro tasted the liquid and it was fine sake only. It was clear that magic waterfall gave sake only to Taro as God reward him for being a thoughtful son. This magical  story of Taro and his sake reached to the emperor and he then rewarded him with twenty pieces of gold. 

Author of Taro’s Reward: A Japanese story retold

Theme: The theme of the chapter ‘Taro’s Reward’ is based on the central idea that a thoughtful and kind person is always rewarded. The magic waterfall gave fine sake liquid to only Taro and not anybody else because he was a good and obeying son.  

Type of Questions: You will be required to attempt to fill in the blanks, MCQs and short answer type questions from this chapter of the NCERT Class 6 Honeysuckle. 

Chapter 4: An Indian-American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla

Summary- In chapter four- “An Indian-American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla”, you will find a summary of an Indian born Astronaut Kalpana Chawla.

Kalpana was born in Karnal and then proceeded her schooling from Tagore School. Later she joined an engineering college to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical field. After completing her Phd in Aerospace from America, she learned to fly aeroplanes and became a flight instructor.  

She moved forward to go in space in the year 1994. During her aeroplane training, she married an American- Jean Pierre Harrison.  

In 1996, her first mission was started by Columbia space shuttle and lived for 16 days. During this period, she did multiple experiments and made 252 rounds of earth. 

In her second mission 2003, her space shuttle burned into streaks while returning to earth, killing all seven astronauts. 

Author of An Indian-American Women in Space: Kalpana Chawla: Adapted from Span January/February 1998. 

Theme: The theme of this chapter tells you that you should have faith in yourself and you must follow your dreams. The life of Kalpana Chawla inspires people to work on the goal. As with hard work, you can achieve your aim. 

Type of Questions: Read from the text, so that you will be able to solve fill in the blanks, short answer type questions, match the following and long questions. 

Chapter 5: A Different Kind of School

Summary-  The fifth chapter of NCERT English Honeysuckle textbook for Class 6,  “A Different Kind of School”, a story of a school where children are taught to sympathize with and help each other. The author visited Miss Beam’s School.

In school, they were using different methods of teaching to make students better citizens. Miss bean told the writer that her teaching methods were simple but different. The main objective of the school is to provide students with kindness and good nature of helping others. 

To make children realize the trouble of misfortune people , they were bound to play this game. The children here in school are bandaged or made lame so that they can understand what this misfortune really is and others will help them.

Every child needs to play a game in every term of being a blind, lame, deaf, injured and dumb. After a short walk with a bandaged girl, the author discovered that his thoughtfulness increased than before. 

Author of A Different Kind of School: E.V Lucas

Theme: The plot of the story revolves around a special kind of school in which children are taught the different values of life. They were taught to sympathize and learn the values of helping each other. 

Type of Questions: Short and long answer type questions, match the following and fill in the blanks. 

Chapter 6: Who I Am

Summary- Chapter six “ Who I am?” tell us about the people on earth are different and yet interesting. The author has described six different persons in this chapter to make the point more relevant. 

The first person is Radha who likes to climb trees and one fine day she and her mother climbed the mango tree and ate raw mangoes up there. 

Next is Nasir who has cotton fields in the village and he desires to develop the technique of using the seeds again and again. Another person is Rohit who likes to travel. Rohit wanted to travel the whole world. 

The fourth person is Serbjit who is angry with most of the people because they don’t trust him. Their distrust angers him and he has to make an effort to control his anger. Next is Dolma, who is ambitious and wants to serve the country.

The sixth and last person is Peter. Peter loves every second Sunday of the month because his father takes the whole family to the outing. He feels lucky to be a part of such a happy family. 

Author of Who I Am: 

Theme: The theme of the chapter sixth- ‘’Who I am?” basically deals with the different kinds of people. This chapter further allows you to see six types of people, their nature, their happiness, their anger, etc. 

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, match the following, short and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 7: Fair Play

Summary-  Chapter seven “Fair Play’’ is a story about two good friends Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry. Both were respected in the village. 

Then, Jumman’s old aunt decided to transfer her property to Jumman if he was ready to look after her. After two years, the behaviour of Jumman and his family changed towards the aunt. So, aunt asked the village panchayat to solve her case. 

The panchayat was held and aunt took the name of Algu Chowdhry as the Panch for the case. Algu gave the decision in favour of the old lady. This incident broke the bond of friendship between the two. 

After a few days, Algu sold his bullock to Samjhu Sahu who was agreed to pay the payment in a month. But the bullock died before the date of payment. Panchayat was called once again to settle the case. 

This time, Jumman was nominated as the Panch and he gave the judgement in favour of Algu. In the end, two friends wipe the dirt of misunderstanding between them. 

Author of “Fair Play”: Premchand

Theme: The story of “Fair Play” is all about the fair judgment in the panchayat. It is a story about two friends who cleared their misunderstanding by taking the fair decision in the panchayat.  

Type of Questions: Working with the text, Match the following and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 8: A Game of Chance 

Summary-  An Eid fair happened in Rasheed’s village. He went there with his uncle and one servant. 

Before leaving Rasheed and his servant in the fair alone, the uncle warned him not to purchase anything in the fair. 

Then Rasheed and his servant saw the Lucky Shop and the shopkeeper asked them to try their luck as well. They find out that an old man won a clock and sold again to the shopkeeper for 15 rupees and a boy also earned a good deal of money by returning his items like wristwatches, fountain pen etc. 

Rasheed also started playing the game, but with every chance, he kept losing the money. At last, he lost every penny. 

Rasheed told his uncle about his bad luck. Uncle explained to him that the winners are shopkeeper’s friends and that was a trick to tempt people. 

Author of “A Game of Chance”: Arthur Wright

Theme: The story is about a boy named Rasheed, who was fooled by a shopkeeper in an Eid fair. The theme of the story is to let people know that there is nothing like luck and one should not be tempted by the false promises of the clever people. 

Type of Questions: Read the text to answer fill in the blanks, short questions provided at the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 9: Desert Animals

Summary- In the summary of “Desert Animals”, you will be able to find out about the certain kinds of animals that survive in the desert. They use different methods to cope up with the harsh climate like Gerbils who live in underground burrows. 

Some snakes also live in deserts. A rattler is found in the rocky desert of America and they prey on mice. 

Another animal found in deserts are mongooses that like to hunt together. They are famous snake-killers. Their food is beetles and other small creatures. 

Camel is another animal that lives in the desert. Camels get the water from desert plants. Two kinds of Camel- one is dromedary and bacteria. Dromedary has one hump while bacteria have two. 

Author of “ Desert Animal”: 

Theme: The theme of this chapter is to enable students to know about the lifestyle of animals living in the desert. You will find the different methods under which these creatures survive, what they eat and how they live. 

Type of Questions: True/false, short answer type, and fill in the blanks. 

Chapter 10: The Banyan Tree

Summary- This story talks about a boy who lived with his grandparents. There was a banyan tree which boy owned only as his grandparents cannot climb that. 

Then, the boy became a close friend of squirrel. The boy used to sit there and read the books and also saw the view of the world from there. One fine day, he witnessed a fight between a cobra and a mongoose. 

Besides the boy narrator, there was a crow and myna looking at the battle. In one such match of mongoose and cobra, the crow was hurt and bitten by the snake. Slowly mongoose won over the snake.

Author of “ The Banyan Tree”:  Ruskin Bond 

Theme: The theme of the chapter “The Banyan Tree” is about a small boy who used to spend his evening at the top of a banyan tree. He befriended with squirrel and many birds and also witnessed a small battle between mongoose and cobra in which mongoose won. 

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, short & long question type, rearranging the sentences. 

Advantages of Using NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle

To score good marks in the English subject, it is important to understand the chapters and its gist. Through NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle, you get the detailed chapter-wise answers to all the questions, which will definitely help you to clear your doubts. For your understanding, we have listed down the major advantages of using the NCERT Solutions Class 6 for English Honeysuckle book below:
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FAQs | NCERT Class 6 English Book - Honeysuckle

What are NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Honeysuckle provides detailed and managed solutions to all the questions asked in each chapter. The solutions are prepared by the experienced subject experts of Goprep. The NCERT Solutions provide you with detailed knowledge about each chapter. It helps you enhance the time-management skills and also improves accuracy.

Does the NCERT Solutions cover all the chapters of the Class 6 English Honeysuckle book?

Yes, NCERT Solutions comprise all the chapters of Class 6 English. There are a total of 10 units in the book. The solutions are given chapter-wise. There is not even a single question that is being missed. You can study and prepare for the exams with the help of Honeysuckle solutions as it is prepared on the basis of the latest syllabus approved by CBSE.

Are the questions given in the Honeysuckle Textbook and the NCERT Solutions are the same?

Yes, the solutions are basically prepared for the NCERT Class 6 Honeysuckle. Our experienced mentors have prepared the solutions in the most effective manner. Every part of each chapter is discussed in details so that the base of each chapter will be built strongly.

I am from ICSE Board, can I prepare from NCERT Honeysuckle Solutions?

If your board has Honeysuckle as an English textbook, then you can prepare from the NCERT Honeysuckle Solutions. It depends on your course.

Can I prepare for the final exams of Class 6th English through NCERT Honeysuckle?

Yes, without a doubt you can prepare for Class 6th English with the help of Honeysuckle NCERT Solutions. The solutions are prepared by highly knowledgeable subject experts. We cover all the chapters of Class 6th Honeysuckle. The solutions are managed, efficient and simple to learn and understand. In fact, it's one of the best approaches to prepare for the Class 6 English exam.

Do NCERT English Solutions cover all the questions of each chapter?

Yes, we cover all the questions of each chapter. You will find the questions asked in each chapter in Goprep NCERT Solutions of Honeysuckle. Based on the previous year question papers, our subject experts have prepared the most effective solutions.