NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 6 English - A Pact with the Sun

NCERT English - A Pact with the Sun

NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 6 English- A Pact with the Sun for all the chapters is available for free. The English subject of CBSE class 6 is easy to learn but challenging to master. Despite all the difficulties, choosing the right approach can make you master this subject. One of the most effective methods to crack even the most robust chapters of English is NCERT solutions.

At Goprep, you get hassle-free complete solutions of NCERT English textbook, 'A Pact with the Sun' of CBSE class 6. Check out chapter-wise solutions of NCERT class 6 English textbook questions below-

NCERT English Class 6 Solutions - A Pact with the Sun (All Chapters)

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NCERT Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Solutions ( Chapter-wise description)

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds

Summary- Chapter one “A Tale of Two Birds” is a story of two new-born birds who got separated from each other in the thunderstorm. One of them fall near a gang of robbers and other fall near the Rishi’s ashram. 

One day, a king came and sat under the tree near the cave of robbers. Just then, the king heard a big brown bird’s voice who was inviting the robbers to come and rob the king. The king rode away and reached near the Rishi’s ashram. 

The other bird asked the king to take a rest inside the ashram. This bird also told the king that his brother had made friends with robbers. To conclude, the behaviour of two birds were the result of their company as stated by Rishi. 

Author of “ A Tale of Two Birds”: Gordon B Greer

Theme: The theme of the story is about two little birds who got separated after a thunderstorm. This story depicts the behaviour of the birds after finding their new home. In simple words, you can sum up the story like-  one is known by the company one keeps. 

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions which are given at the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose

Summary- The chapter begins with the introduction of a farmer who used to live in a village with his wife and a new born child. Once the farmer expressed his wish to have a pet as a companion to his son. 

The farmer then, bring a baby mongoose with him the next day. Leaving their son and mongoose alone in the house, farmer's wife went to the market to buy some groceries and farmer to field.  

When returned home, the farmer’s wife saw mouth and paws of the mongoose smeared with blood. She then killed the mongoose by hitting the mongoose with a basket full of groceries thinking that mongoose had eaten her son. 

She then found her baby fast asleep, and a black snake was lying dead. She understood that the mongoose has killed the snake and saved her son. She now felt guilty over her mistake. 

Theme: In this chapter,the farmer’s wife murdered the mongoose because she thought that mongoose had killed her son. But when she realized she was wrong, she started sobbing in vain. Her remorse shows that hurry causes worry.  

Type of Questions: The NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2 consists of short and long answer type questions from the text. 

Chapter 3: The Shepherd's Treasure 

Summary-  The story of chapter 3 revolves around a poor and illiterate shepherd who lived in a village in Iran. He was uneducated but had a high common sense. Then, impressed by his wisdom and humanity, king gave the shepherd  a small district by making him the governor of the same. 

Soon, the shepherd was known for his wisdom and won people’s hearts. Many people of other districts started getting insecure about him and reported that he used to keep a part of the tax collected into an iron chest. 

So, one day the king called the shepherd to his palace and asked him to open his iron chest. After opening the chest, it was discovered that the chest contained an old blanket, which the shepherd called his only money and best companion. 

After realizing the shepherd’s kindness and humanity, king then appointed him the governor of a bigger district.  

Theme: The NCERT Class 6 English A Pact With the Sun Chapter 3 deals with the story of a shepherd. After reading this chapter, you will discover how the kindness, wisdom and humanity of the shepherd helped him to be a governor of the district. 

Type of Questions: In chapter three, you will be required to attempt short and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 4:
The Old Clock Shop 

Summary- Chapter 4 begins on Christmas Eve, when all the shoppers were going towards their home. An old-clock shop owner, Ray was still working on a clock. Two men, one in his twenties and one in his fifties enter the shop of Ray. 

Ray offered them a notepad and a pencil and told them that he was deaf and dumb through his sign language. Ray also discovered that the man had a gun in his pocket and must be came to rob him. Through his gestures, Ray told the old man that he give loan to people against their watches or wall clocks.  

The same old man showed his old wrist watch to Ray and Ray in return gave the old man a fifty dollar note. Both of them knew that the watch was not worth that price. Before leaving, the old man wrote to Ray that he would be back soon to pick up his watch. 

The story concluded peacefully, giving a sweet and simple message of ‘’ Peace on earth and goodwill towards all”. 

Theme: Chapter 4 of NCERT Class 6 English conveys the theme of honesty and tackling of situations correctly. With his wisdom and kindness, Ray not only protected him from robbers but also gave the robbers a right direction and changed their attitude. 

Type of Questions: Short and long type questions given at the end of this chapter. 

Chapter 5: Tansen 

Summary- Chapter 5 deals with the life of Tansen, who was the greatest musician in our country. He was the only child of singer Mukandan Misra and lived in Behat near Gwalior. 

One day, in the forest, Swami Haridas found Tansen roaring. Then, Tansen started learning music from him for eleven years and became a great singer afterwards. His father’s last wish was to send Tansen to Mohammed Ghaus of Gwalior. 

There, Tansen got married to Hussaini. Soon after Tansen had became a famous Musician and often sang before Emperor Akbar. Akbar then asked Tansen to be a part of his court as a musician. 

After becoming Akbar’s favorite, the courtiers in Akbar’s court became envious of Tansen and planned to kill Tansen. Shaukat Mian, a courtier in Akbar's court requested Akbar to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak. 

Tansen knew that Raga Deepak could produce heat around the singer and Raga Megh could bring Rain. So, he asked his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupvati to sing Raga Megh in the court. Thus, girls started to sing Raga Megh when fire spread out near Tansen. Tansen’s life was saved when drops of rain fall down on him. 

Theme: The theme of this chapter “ Tansen” is to provide the students with the complete knowledge of the Tansen. You should know how Tansen saved himself with his wisdom and quick decision making. 

Type of Questions: Short and long type questions are asked from this chapter. 

Chapter 6:
The Monkey and the Crocodile 

Summary-  The NCERT Class 6 English A Pact With the Sun Chapter 6 is a story about a monkey and crocodile. A monkey lived alone in a tree on a river bank and the tree was full with fruits. 

One day, a crocodile happened to come near that tree and monkey offered him the tree’s fruit to eat. Soon crocodile and monkey became very good friends.  The crocodile ate fruits and also carry some fruits for his wife. 

Then one day, crocodile invited his friend to have dinner with him as his wife wanted to eat monkey's heart.  When crocodile taking monkey to his home, he told him the truth about his wife’s desire. Monkey then asked crocodile to return back to the river as he forgot his heart on the tree only. 

The crocodile swam back and reached the river bank. Monkey quickly jumped onto the tree and bade the final goodbye to the crocodile. 

Author of “The Monkey and the Crocodile”:  Paul Galdone 

Theme:  A story about two good friends- monkey and crocodile. Their friendship is tested when crocodile had to choose between his friend and wife. He then forced to choose his wife but cannot accomplish that due to his stupidity and monkey’s wisdom.  

Type of Questions:  Solve short and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep

Summary-  Chapter 7 is about sleep which is termed as the unconscious state of rest. A good night's sleep provides rest and calmness to our mind and body after a hectic day’s activities. Also, our body recovers from exertion in the sleep. 

Also, so many things happen to us during sleep like a dream, muscles relaxed, brain’s activities slow down, heart beat becomes slower and blood pressure & temperature fall down. 

Dream is a vital activity of the mind. It is important because it helps us to sleep, reveals much about the problems we are facing, and also provides solutions to concerned issues.

Remember, dreams can never tell you your future. Sleep has magical power as it transports us into a strange world. It is the sweetest and most common experience for all.   

Author of “The Wonder called Sleep”: Edward Thomas

Theme: In this chapter, you will find out why sleep is rightly called wonder. Sleep and dreams are a crucial part of the individual’s life. To keep you fresh and motivated, sleep is very much essential for you. 

Type of Questions: At the end of the chapter, you will find some long and short questions to attempt.  

Chapter 8: A Pact With the Sun

Summary- In Chapter 8, you will read about Saeeda’s mother who was suffering from fever, body pain, cough, and joint pain etc. The quacks advised her not to eat normal food and also to avoid fresh air as well as sunshine. 

Then she consulted a specialist for her treatment, who examined her and then prescribed her some effective medicines. The specialist also told her to sit in the sunlight daily. She then moved her bed to bigger room to get more sunlight. 

Unluckily, it remained cloudy for a few days and the sun didn’t appear. Saeeda asked the rays of the sun to come the next morning as her mother needed the warmth of the sun to get well. The sun rays agreed and promised to help her. 

Next morning, the sun rays make way through the clouds to give sunlight to Saeeda’s mother.  In the end, Saeeda’s mother completely recovered by taking good amount of sunlight and fresh air.  

Author of “ A Pact With the Sun” : Zakir Husain 

Theme: The story of “A Pact with the Sun” revolves around a girl named Saeeda. Her mother was ill and needed warmth rays of sun to get well. Then Saeeda requested the sunrays to help her mother to get completely well.

Type of Questions: Read the text as short and long questions are asked from this chapter. 


Chapter 9: What Happened to Reptiles

Summary- This lesson is a story of reptiles who lived in the village of Pambupatti and recounted by an old man to a boy named Prem. It so happened one day that religious riot began in Prem’s village and he ran to save his life. 

Long ago in Pambupatti, only reptiles had their existence in the village. Makara was the biggest and strongest crocodile of the forest amongst all. One fine day, Makara told tortoises to leave the forest as they are stupid and slow. 

After few months, he ordered snakes to leave the forest. He then said every animal to leave the forest except crocodiles. After all animals left, all the awful things began to happen in the forest. So, other crocodiles decided to call back all the animals of the forest and the forest was back to normal again. 

Now, Prem decided to go back to his village and tell this same story of reptiles to his villagers. Then, the villagers understood that each of them has a place in the world to live.   

Author of “What Happened to Reptiles” : Zai Whitaker 

Theme: The theme of the chapter is to let people know the importance of religious harmony in the country. This chapter also allows you to understand the essentiality of food chain in order to have a proper ecological balance. 

Type of Questions: You will be required to answer short answer questions and textbook questions and answers.  

Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match 

Summary- The NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 10 centred around a man, Vijay Singh. He was a famous wrestler, but boasting about big things was his only weakness. 

One fine day, he told that he was not afraid of ghosts and also desired to meet one ghost. He was then advised that he should visit Haunted Desert where ghosts roamed freely. 

Vijay Singh after walking for miles, was ready to enter the haunted desert and a ghost named Natwar appeared in front of him. He then insulted the ghost by saying him plain and stupid ghost. 

He even wished to fight with the ghost to show his strength to the ghost. Ghost was speechless of Vijay Singh statement. In conclusion, Vijay Singh wished to have a psychological victory on the ghost. He also told ghost that appearances of the person are often deceptive.  

Author of " A Strange Wrestling Match": Indira David

Theme: The story is all about a brave man, Vijay Singh, who was not afraid of ghosts. He went to Haunted Desert to see ghosts. And when he met ghosts, he was not horrified and even invited the ghost to have a wrestling match with him. The ghost felt insulted!

Type of Questions: Read the text to answer the short and long questions asked at the end of the chapter. 

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