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You locality has witnessed a number of cases of theft in recent weeks. The local law and order authorities were approached but you find no change in the situation. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a local newspaper drawing attention of the higher authorities to the problem. You are Ram/Rama 4, Gobind Road, Meerut.

Answer :

The Editor

The News Daily



5th March 2018

Subject- Repeated theft in Gobind Road.


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I’d like to express my views of the recent cases of theft in Gobind Road. The past few weeks have witnessed more than one hundred theft cases here. Sometimes a cycle is stealing from someone’s veranda or a bike is stolen from someone’s garden. This is not an occasional practice anymore. There are a group of unidentified people who are carrying this process ahead.

The local authorities have been informed about the scenario. A week ago, the residents of Gobind Road gave a written complaint to the local town Police and the Municipality so that the matter is taken care of. But even after the complaint there has not been any notable action from the authorities and the cycle of theft still continues.

If this continues, it will become really difficult to spend life here. This is a major issue now since a lot of people have gone through major losses. There is an urgent need for the higher authorities to interfere into the matter and appoint special forces to catch the thieves.



A responsible citizen

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Read the passage given below and complete the statements that follow choosing the most appropriate options from those given below.

Cheraw is the most colourful Mizo dance. Bamboos are used in this dance. Hence the dancer moves by stepping alternatively in and out from between and across a pair of horizontal bamboos, held against the ground by people sitting face to face at either side. They tap the bamboos open and close in rhythmic beats. Two bases support the bamboos, placed horizontally one at each end. The bamboos, when clapped, produce a shaip sound, which forms the rhythm of the dance. It indicates the timing of the dance as well. The dancers step in and out to the beats of the bamboos with ease and grace. The patterns and stepping of the dance have many variations. Sometimes the stepping are made in imitation of the movements of birds, sometimes the swaying of trees and so on.

Little is known about the origin of Cheraw. It may be possible that the forefathers of the Mizos brought it with them when they left home in far east- Asia. Cheraw is performed on any occasion these days. But so goes the legend. It used to be performed in earlier times only to ensure a safe passage for a dead child to paradise. Cheraw is, therefore, a dance of sanctification and redemption performed with great care, precision and elegance.

(a) According to the passage, Cheraw is:

(i) a form of art

(ii) a festival of lights

(iii) a form of dance

(iv) a Mizo animal

(b) Cheraw is performed:

(i) to show respect to the state

(ii) for sanctification and redemption

(iii) to please the goddess of dance

(iv) to earn money

(c) The dancers in Cheraw dance to:

(i) the beats of bamboos

(ii) the beats of drums

(iii) the clappings of the sing-

(iv) the sound of a whistle

(d) The statement - …….. is correct:

(i) Four bases support the bamboos

(ii) Cheraw is a solo dance

(iii) Cheraw is a dull stepping pattern

(iv) The sound of bamboos forms the rhythm of the dance

(e) The word 'redemption' in the passage means:

(i) performed with great care

(ii) solution

(iii) deliverance from evil ways

(iv) Compensation

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