CBSE Class 12 Sociology Question Papers with Solutions

Sociology - Board Papers

Sociology is the subject which deals with the study of social behaviour or society. Further, being a complex subject to study, you will study important topics like origins, organizations, development and institutions. For higher education, Sociology is the subject which is important for class 12th students. To score good marks in this subject, you need to clear your concepts which can be done by practicing previous year question papers.

To make it easier for the students to solve the question papers, we present the solutions for class 12 Sociology previous year question papers. By solving these papers, students get to understand the level of the exam and the type of questions asked in the exam. Moreover, by practising these previous year papers, you will get to know the important topics of the Sociology subject of class 12th that are asked in the board exam.

Practising the previous year papers help students in solving the questions in the board exam quickly and smoothly. Going through these papers and solving them on a consistent basis will help you in boosting your confidence, improve your problem-solving skills, and also enhance your level of the exam preparation. Thus, it is recommended for the students to revise the complete syllabus thoroughly and then practice the questions to excel in the board examination.

Key Highlights of Practising the CBSE Previous Year Question Paper of Sociology for Class 12

  • By solving previous year papers, students get a fair idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • With the help of these solved previous year papers of  Sociology for class 12th, you get the ability to solve the questions in the exam within the stipulated time period.
  • Prepared by subject experts, these solved previous year papers of Sociology for class 12 help students in knowing their weak and strong points.
  • You will find these solutions in a well-structured format and in a concise way
  • The major part, you can access these CBSE Previous year question paper for Sociology of class 12 anytime and anywhere at free of cost.


Where can I get the solved CBSE Previous year question paper for Sociology class 12?

The solved CBSE Sociology previous year question paper for class 12 are available at our official website. The answers to the questions are prepared by expert subject mentors in a concise and accurate manner. Further, you can get these solutions without incurring any cost for the same. With the help of these solutions, you can gain confidence in solving all the questions in the 12th board examination.  

How to excel in preparation for the exam of CBSE Sociology of class 12th?

Scoring marks in the board exam can be made easy through consistent study. After clearing your concepts of the exam, it is important to practice the questions to enhance your problem-solving skills. Also, you need to know the logic of the subject with a detailed explanation of the same. Further, you need to solve previous year question papers to revise the important topics of the subject. Know your weak and strong areas and focus more on weak areas to master the same with the help of previous year papers of CBSE Sociology for class 12th.

How can I benefit from previous year question papers of CBSE for Sociology of class 12?

It is recommended to solve previous year question papers only after completing your syllabus thoroughly. Doing consistent practice can surely help students in understanding the level of the question paper and also helps in scoring good marks in the board exam. Further, solving previous year question papers helps students in numerous ways like:

  • Knowing the exam pattern and distribution of marks.
  • Understanding the weak and strong points of the subjects and then practising the same.
  • These solutions help students for quick revision
  • You can boost your confidence by solving these previous year question paper Sociology for class 12.
  • Enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Thus, to make your preparation for the CBSE Sociology for class 12 an effective and efficient, do not forget to solve the previous year question papers of CBSE Sociology for class 12. By solving these papers, you can surely track your preparation level, know the important topics and score excellent marks in the board exams.