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CBSE Class 12 Physics Previous Year Question Papers: Class 12 students who want to follow a career in the field of Science, they require to score good marks in Physics. By performing well in this subject, one can easily get admission in a premier institution after class 12 boards. Since, Physics is a difficult subject which deals with theorems and practical formulas, scoring good marks in the subject is not an easy task. Therefore, the key to success in this subject lies in studying the whole syllabus thoroughly and practicing previous year question papers.

By referring to the CBSE Physics previous year papers provided by us you can very easily get a fair idea about the pattern of the exam. Also, through solving Class 10 Physics question papers regularly, you will be able to scale up the level of your exam preparation by recognizing your weak areas and working on them properly. The more you practice our Physics previous year papers, the better you will get at solving questions of a difficult nature. So, to practice Physics previous year questions papers, you can click on the links given below.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Physics - Last 10 Year Papers

Due to the fact that Physics is not a theoretical subject, it requires good amount of practice to understand practical solutions and solve questions in the exam. Therefore, the previous year papers of Physics that we have solved exactly help you do the same. We have provided solved Physics board papers for the year starting 2016 to 2018.

So, if you are really looking forward to scoring well in the exam, then by relying on these solved papers, you can formulate a proper strategy to solve difficult questions. Moreover, it will help you better manage your time and attempt the maximum number of questions in the Physics exam.

Benefits of our CBSE Class 12 Physics Previous Year Papers

  • Our previous year papers for Physics have been solved by experts in accordance with the guidelines of the CBSE
  • Follows the right approach and help students improve their problem-solving skills
  • Help students experience exam like conditions which further aids them in developing their confidence and perform well in the exam. 
  • Gives a proper idea about the changing nature of exam pattern over the last few years. 
  • Available for free and can be accessed from any time anywhere. 
  • By solving CBSE Class 12 previous year papers, students can learn to better manage their time and score well in the exam


Final Words

Scoring good marks in class 12 board exams can only be made possible through regular study of topics, practice and revision. Our Physics solved papers for the previous year can prove to be a great way to supplement your exam preparation and score better in the board exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can solving CBSE Class 12 Physics Previous Year Papers help me in my board exam preparation?

    It is a well-known fact that practice makes a man perfect. So, if you are practicing previous year Physics papers that we have made available, then you can get better at solving questions correctly and quickly. Also, since previous year papers comprise of questions from the Physics syllabus, it can help you revise the important topics in quick time. This way, you can strengthen your exam preparation and score better marks in your board paper.

  • What is the best time to practice class 12 previous year Physics papers?

    Since previous year solved Physics papers are perfect for revising the syllabus in quick time, they can be practiced one month before the exam. Once you have completed your exam preparation from NCERT Class 12 Physics textbook solutions and is looking to revise the important Physics chapters, it is that time you can refer to previous year papers of the Physics. By practicing and solving important questions, you can improve your problem-solving skills and get better at a particular topic.

    Also, previous year papers will help you recognize the topics from which maximum questions can be asked in the exam, and hence you will be able to better focus on such topics and improve your chances of scoring well on the exam.

  • Is NCERT along with previous year papers enough to score 90+ marks in class 12 Physics board exam?

    By reading and solving NCERT Physics, you can get enough knowledge and concept clarity in order to perform well in your class 12 Physics exam. In addition to this, when you practice previous year Physics papers, you can improve your questions solving speed and accuracy. So, if you are making the best use of both the study resources, then you can definitely go on and score 90+ marks in class 12 Physics.