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Class 11th in CBSE is an important stage, and it lays the foundation for class 12th Boards the next year. However, to successfully progress to class 12, it gets crucial for students to focus on grasping important mathematical topics and understand the concepts properly. RS Aggarwal Solutions for class 11 can prove to be an extremely important study resource for students looking to improve their performance in the exam. Being a renowned Maths author, his books are preferred by both ISC and CBSE board students.

Moreover, if you want to proceed to 12th class successfully, it is important that you use RS Aggarwal Maths Class 11 Solutions offered by Gradeup school. These RS Aggarwal solutions for class 11th comprise of important chapters such as Sets, Relations and Functions. Further, we have also solved difficult chapters of the textbook which include, i.e. Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Theorems along with Circle, Parabola and Hyperbola.

RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Solutions - All Chapters

32 Chapters
1 Sets8 Exercises|145 Questions
2 Relations5 Exercises|65 Questions
3 Functions6 Exercises|73 Questions
4 Principle of Mathematical Induction1 Exercises|23 Questions
5 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations7 Exercises|202 Questions
6 Linear Inequations (In one variable)2 Exercises|58 Questions
7 Linear Inequations (In two variables)1 Exercises|27 Questions
8 Permutations8 Exercises|140 Questions
9 Combinations4 Exercises|68 Questions
10 Binomial Theorem2 Exercises|70 Questions
11 Arithmetic Progression6 Exercises|102 Questions
12 Geometrical Progression7 Exercises|104 Questions
13 Some Special Series2 Exercises|34 Questions
14 Measurement of Angles1 Exercises|30 Questions
15 Trigonometric, or Circular, Functions5 Exercises|113 Questions
16 Conditional Identities Involving the Angles of a Triangle1 Exercises|12 Questions
17 Trigonometric Equations1 Exercises|21 Questions
18 Solution of Triangles2 Exercises|25 Questions
19 Graphs of Trigonometric Functions1 Exercises|7 Questions
20 Straight Lines11 Exercises|169 Questions
21 Circle2 Exercises|38 Questions
22 Parabola1 Exercises|18 Questions
23 Ellipse1 Exercises|26 Questions
24 Hyperbola1 Exercises|23 Questions
25 Applications of Conic Sections1 Exercises|5 Questions
26 Three-Dimensional Geometry3 Exercises|35 Questions
27 Limits3 Exercises|127 Questions
28 Differentiation5 Exercises|116 Questions
29 Mathematical Reasoning4 Exercises|18 Questions
30 Statistics4 Exercises|40 Questions
31 Probability2 Exercises|63 Questions
Objective Questions0 Exercises|0 Questions

In addition to clearing the doubts of the students, our RS Aggarwal solutions assist students in developing a deeper understanding of the subject. With these solutions, students are better placed in solving difficult questions easily and enhance their problem-solving skills. Thus, these solutions act as a potent exam preparation material which can significantly help you score excellent marks in the Maths exam.

Benefits of using RS Aggarwal solutions Class 11

  • These solutions are extensively researched and are prepared by expert teachers.
  • Our expert Maths teachers present these solutions in an easy to understand language.
  • The step-by-step approach followed by the teachers to develop solutions enables students to understand the concepts better.
  • RS Aggarwal solutions are highly effective for entrance exams such as JEE and NEET as they cover the entire syllabus.
  • Foster problem-solving skills among students and help them secure better marks in the exam.
  • These solutions are based on the recent syllabus of the CBSE class 11 and are available for free of cost.


Final Words

To score good marks in class 11th Maths, it is important that you develop a thorough understanding of important topics and concepts. Excellence in Mathematics can only be achieved through proper learning and practice. So, by accessing and practising RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions, you can definitely improve your marks in the exam.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get class 11 RS Aggarwal solutions?

    RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Maths from Goprep can prove highly effective in enabling students to prepare for the difficult topics in a proper way. Also, these solutions play a vital role in helping students solve difficult questions in a quick time. Using our RS Aggarwal solutions for Class 11 Maths, you can clear your doubts quite well and attempt a greater number of questions during the exam.

  • How can I get RS Aggarwal Solutions for chapter 14 of class 11?

    To get solutions for chapter 14 of the RS Aggarwal Maths book of class 11, you simply need to browse through the RS Aggarwal class 11 Maths textbook Solutions. These solutions provided by us comprise of explanations for exercises and questions from all the chapters of the textbook. So, you can rely on RS Aggarwal’s Solutions for class 11 by Goprep, and you will be able to get solutions for each chapter.

  • How do I prepare for the CBSE class 11 Maths exam?

    Class 12th is the most important year for laying the foundation of a successful year ahead. Therefore, clearing your concepts in Maths is crucial for scoring good marks in Boards exam. To start with, it is important to first go through the prescribed NCERT Maths book for class 12th. Also, it is important to refer to RS Aggarwal class 11 book Solutions to strengthen your concepts and revise important topics thoroughly. This way, you can prepare for the exam in a desirable manner and ensure to score good marks in the exam.

  • Which is the better Maths book for class 11 between RS Aggarwal and RD Sharma?

    RS Aggarwal, as well as RD Sharma Maths book, have their respective benefits when it comes to exam preparation. RD Sharma comprises a greater number of questions and exercises as compared to RS Aggarwal book. However, exercises and questions given in RS Aggarwal are simpler and can be practised easily to clear the concepts. As such, both the books are preferred highly for exam preparation and it entirely depends upon the preference of an individual as to which book is best suited to their preparation needs.