Important Chapters for NEET 2020 Biology (Chapter-wise weightage)

Read here the important chapters of Biology to prepare for NEET 20120 exam.

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Important Chapters for NEET 2020 Biology (Chapter-wise weightage)

NEET 2020 Exam is slated to take place on September 13, 2020, in offline mode. As we all know, NEET is one of the toughest examinations after AIIMS for admission to MBBS Course all over India. One way to excel in NEET is to have the best study plan which we have already shared. Apart from this, access to best books along with top mentors can help you to shine with good rank in NEET. But above all these, mentally equipping yourself about the exam is important. In this article, we will discuss individual chapter wise weightage of BIOLOGY unit. The weightage given in the article is calculated by a detailed analysis of the last three year NEET Paper. So, it represents the average weightage pattern for NEET Exam.

NEET Biology Chapter-Wise Weightage

Biology consists of 10 Units covering different chapters from Class XI and Class XII. Looking at the Pie Diagram given below, it can be inferred that Human Physiology (16.3%) followed by Diversity in the Living World (13.7%) are the two most important unit of all. When combined together, they form nearly 30% of the questions from Biology Section. Also, as we know these unit covers chapters from Class XI, now can calculate and understand the importance of Class XI curriculum. If we talk about Class XII, again it can be inferred that Genetics and Evolution (12.2%) followed by Reproduction (10.1%) are the most important of all. Again if we calculate the cumulative importance of these units, it can be very well said that these units consist of nearly 23% of the questions. 

Chapter Wise Weightage

These chapters wise weight age was identified based on extensive research and analysis of the last three previous year's question paper. We will talk about Chapter-wise weightage and the importance of the individual topics in these units. The number in the brackets of the Chapter name indicates the respective percentage of questions asked from these chapters. Also, here we have used two parameters (A and B) for ranking to demarcate the importance of individual topics. A indicates that the topic is very important and had more weightage as compared to those who are given ranking as B, which shows that there was less number of questions from these topics. 

1. Reproduction

Nearly 10.1  % of the questions from previous year paper was from the Reproduction Unit. It includes chapter Reproduction in Organisms  (5.1%), Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (52.7%), Human Reproduction (26.8%) and Reproductive Health (15.4%). Again looking at the diagram below, it can be concluded that Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants is the most important chapter of all carrying a total weightage of 52.7%. 

Reproduction in Organisms  (5.1%)Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (52.7%)Human Reproduction (26.8 %)Reproductive Health (15.4 %)


2. Genetics and Evolution 

The Unit Genetic carries 12.2 % weight age. It includes three important chapter mainly Principles of Inheritance and Variation (36.4%), Molecular Basis of Inheritance (30%) and Genetics and Evolution (33.6%).

Principles of Inheritance and variation (36.4%)Molecular Basis of Inheritance (30%)Genetics and Evolution (33.6%)


3. Biology in Human Welfare  

This unit was given high importance in NEET 2017 exam. Accordingly, this unit carries 7.8% weightage. Among all, Human Health and Disease (50%) is the most important of all followed by Microbes in human welfare (30%).  Rest 20 % of the questions were asked from the chapter Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, mainly from topic Plant Breeding.

Human Health and Disease (50%)Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production (20%)Microbes in human welfare (30%)

4. Biotechnology and its Applications

This unit is the hugely favorite of all medical aspirants. It's interesting and easiest of all. It consists of only two chapters Biotechnology Principles and processes which carry 40% weightage and Biotechnology Applications which carries 60 % of the weightage.

Biotechnology Principles and Processes (40%)Biotechnology Applications (60%)

5. Ecology 

Ecology is indeed an important unit for NEET exam.Among all chapters, Biodiversity and Conservation are the most significant one with nearly 31.3 % weightage. It is then followed by Ecosystem (26.3%). Organism and Population & Environmental Issues carries an equal weightage of around 21.3%

Organism and Population (21.3%)Ecosystem (26.3%)Biodiversity and Conservation (31.3%)Environmental Issues (21.3%)

6. Diversity in the Living World 

 This unit is chiefly important if we talk about Class wise distribution. It carries weightage of 13.1 %. In terms of Chapters, Plant Kingdom (41.5%) is dominant over others followed by Animal kingdom (30.9%).

The Living World (8.1 %)Biological Classification (19.5%)Plant Kingdom (41.5%)Animal Kingdom (30.9%)

7. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

This unit carries a weightage of 9.1 % which is fairly good. In this unit, Morphology of Flowering Plants (51.2%) is the most significant chapter.  Anatomy of Flowering Plants is given due importance as well and thus carries 30.5% weightage. 

Morphology of Flowering Plants (51.2%)Anatomy of Flowering plant (30.5%)Structural organisation in animals (18.3%)

8. Cell Structure and Function

This unit consists of three chapters and carries 10.3% weightage. Most of the questions from this chapter are fairly distributed from Biomolecules (35.5%) & Cell: Unit of Life (36.6%). 

Cell: Unit of Life (36.6%)Biomolecules (35.5%)Cell Cycle and Cell Division (28.8%)

9. Plant Physiology

This unit has five important chapters. Photosynthesis is the most important of all and carries 38.5 % weightage. This is then followed by Transport in Plants which too carries a good weightage of 24.6%.

Transport in Plants (24.6%)Mineral Nutrition (15.4%)Photosynthesis (38.5%)Respiration in Plants (3.1%)Plant Growth and Development (18.5%)

10. Human Physiology

This is by far the most important unit of all.It carries the maximum weightage of 16.3%. Chemical Coordination and Integration (21.1%), Digestion and absorption (17%) & Neural Control and Coordination (15%) are the important chapters.

Digestion and absorption (17%)Breathing and exchange of gases (14.3%)Body Fluids and Circulation(9.5%)Excretory Products and their elimination (13.6%)Locomotion and Movement (9.5%)Neural Control and Coordination (15%)Chemical Coordination and Integration (21.1%)


Feedback about this Detailed Weightage of Biology Section is welcome. Post them in the comments section.

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