My School Essay | School Paragraph Writing, Speech, and Lines

Know how to write a perfect essay on 'my school'. Also, learn my school paragraph writing and speech to build your writing skills.

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My School Essay | School Paragraph Writing, Speech, and Lines

My School Essay and My School paragraph writing is a common topic given by teachers to children studying in Classes 1 to 5. With the help of essay writing, children can develop good writing skills which are useful for them in the future. Writing as an essay on ‘My School’ improves children’s thinking ability and imagination power. In this article, you can learn how to write my school essay in English.

Before you start writing an essay, we suggest you go through 10 lines on my school to get a clear idea about relevant pointers. Those students who are going to deliver a ‘my school speech’ can take help from a sample of speech writing given below.

10 Lines on My School

  • My school is my second home where I learn new things every day.
  • All the teachers are friendly and kind in my school. 
  • My school has a beautiful landscape as it is surrounded by trees. 
  • The building of my school is built over a large area. 
  • I pray every morning at my school’s assembly.
  • My friends are helpful and caring.
  • My school has a huge playground where we play cricket and football.
  • Our school library is the most interesting place where we visit twice a week.
  • We celebrate all major festivals together with enthusiasm and joy. 
  • My school has a grand auditorium where we perform on stage. 

Essay on My School

As soon as we learn to speak, our parents send us to school to gain knowledge. Most importantly, we learn about moral values and how to behave in front of people. Education at school helps us in our overall development and build up our personality. 

My school is listed among the best institutes in the city. All the teachers are well-qualified and pay equal attention to all the students. The best part about my school is that all the children get to take part in different extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, theatre, aerobics, etc. 

Modern-day classrooms equipped with computers and projectors have made learning so much fun. My school’s computer lab is huge with a sitting capacity of 50 students. Every room in my school is spacious and well-equipped with gadgets.

During the playing hours, our sports teachers take us to the school ground where we have the facility of playing cricket, football, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. We also have a swimming pool and an instructor who teaches us to swim. 

Whenever a major festival comes, my school organizes plays and dance performances in which I participate every year. Also, I take part in the annual function and sports day every year.

Every day I learn a new thing at skill which makes me feel good about myself. I complete my homework every day and stay attentive during school hours. My school is my second home and I love all my teachers and friends.

My School Paragraph Writing

My school is one of the best schools in the country. It has a huge campus with 2 big playgrounds- one at the front and the other behind the school building. I, along with my friends, regularly play dodgeball at one of the playgrounds. We also play cricket, football, hide-and-seek in the playground. My school has several small gardens. I get to see roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, marigolds, etc. in these gardens. These flowers make my school look even more beautiful.

The classrooms in my school are big and tidy. There are big and wide windows for good ventilation. We have green boards, chalk, dusters, and projectors in all the classrooms. Apart from classrooms, we also have practical labs, art and craft room, a music room, and staff rooms. We also have a library where we can borrow and read books on a variety of subjects. All the competitions and cultural events take place in the auditorium of my school. The auditorium is very spacious with hundreds of chairs for the audience.

The best thing about my school is that it has lots of creative and dedicated teachers. They love all of us. They teach us well and help us whenever we have any doubts. They teach us subjects like Math, English, Hindi, EVS, etc. They always maintain a happy and fun environment in the school. I truly love my school very much.

Speech on My School

Good morning honorable Principal ma’am, teachers, and my dear friends. I Rahul Bhatia, a student of Class 4, am going to speak before this honorable gathering about my school. 

Recently, our school has been elected as the best school in the city. Let me list to you the best things about my school to make this occasion memorable. 

First of all, it gives me great pleasure to talk about the school where I spend most of my time. My teachers are kind and friendly which makes study hours a lot more interesting. Our school has got such recognition because of brilliant teachers and hard-working students. 

Our seniors have made our school popular as most of them are working as engineers, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, etc. Our school has also produced some great artists who were active participants in extra-curricular activities in their time. 

Our school is known for having a healthy environment where a child undergoes an overall development. Each one of us is given equal attention and opportunities to showcase our skills. We share a special bond with our teachers that allows us to grow in every aspect. 

To maintain the right balance between studies, sports, and extracurricular activities, our teachers give equal importance to each activity. We feel lucky to study in such a great atmosphere where we study, play, and eat together. We should be greatly thankful to our parents who are spending their hard-earned money to see us as well-educated civilians.

Writing an essay is always enjoyable. When students write essays on a certain topic, they reflect on it. They then construct phrases to express their thoughts on the subject. It encourages children to think creatively. We hope you find this information helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to write essay on 'my school'?

    Students of Classes 1 to 5 can learn 10 lines on 'my school' from this article. Students of Classes 6 & above should read essay and speech as they will be required to write an essay of about 150-200 words.

  • How to write an essay for beginners?

    If you are writing an essay for the first time, then you should keep in mind the following points.

    • Start your first paragraph with introduction of your school such as name of school, location, name of principal, etc.
    • In the second paragraph, you can start listing down the things how school changed your life and what you learn over there.
    • Other points that you can include in 'my school' essay are role of teachers, your favorite teachers, facilities at school, etc.
    • In the last paragraph, you can write about how you can contribute in making your school a better place.
  • What makes My School paragraph effective?

    kids can list out the things they like about their school- the infrastructure, labs, rooms, etc. Kids can also talk about their teachers and classmates in the essay on My School.


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