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You have read the poem 'Ode To Autumn', studied it closely and found how Keats uses various visual, tactile (touch), auditory (sound) images to create a complete picture of the season. Now write to a friend abroad who has never experienced an Indian summer or an Indian monsoon.

Answer :

Indian Monsoon

Hey pal how are you! Today I am going to fill you about the most beautiful and alluring season of our country “Monsoon”.

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful season in India to explore its culture and natural beauty. When the first drop touches the earth in the early month of June the fragrance of the soil and the happiness of the farmers and children are too precious to bind into words. Monsoon gives them a reason to celebrate their festivals and pray for their good crops. Kids love to dance and play in Heavy Rain with the extreme roar of the clouds and it seems like all sorrows and negativity from the earth and as well as from the hearts of the people have been washed away with each drop of the rainfall. When the fields and grasses dance and wave with the sound of the wind, the greenery spread all over the surface is so soothing that displays all emotions at once and with the occurrence of the rainbow right above in the sky sometimes between the mountains gives everyone a reason to smile and laugh their heart out. This mesmerizing scene can only be seen in India with such an abundance of natural beauty and landscapes. Lush green forests, beautiful valleys and amazing waterfalls are surely breathtaking views. Mountains covered with clouds surrounded by the fresh air feel so refreshing and peaceful to our souls. With the heavy rainfall, the streams and rivers finally are seemed to overflow with their joy of fulfilment of their empty stomach during all the summers. The youngsters seem to enjoy their mood with their loved ones in a romantic tone as the monsoon for them is like a memory which every heart has once felt during their teenage. Families used to enjoy the rain and the weather by treating themselves with the delicious northern and southern cuisines mainly snacks with the cup of hot tea as the feeling of warmth inside out.

Indian Monsoon is not just a season,

A person to smile it gives a reason!

The feelings and emotions are difficult to explain,

It can be only felt by getting drenched in the rain!!


Hey pal how are you! Today I am going to fill you about the hottest and most interesting season of our country “summer”.

Summer is the hottest season among the four seasons of India. It occurs from the month of March and lasts until late June. During this season the livelihood of people is quite difficult due to the immense sunlight and humid temperature. People prefer to go outside their home in the evening time. Days are longer and hot and nights are shorter and cooler. Kids love the summer season the most as the longest vacation falls during this time throughout the year. One or two months the schools are closed due to the hot weather so children used to celebrate their summer vacation by visiting their relatives. Rural areas tend to have a low temperature as compared to urban areas due to the presence of greenery and fresh environment. People love evening walks on the beaches and enjoys the beautiful sight of sunsets. Water parks are highly crowded during summers where people seem to swim and take water baths and rides to cherish the beautiful season. On mountains and hilly regions, when the temperature rises heavy rainfall occurs which creates a soothing aroma of earthy smell and great vegetation. Summer camps and hill stations holidays are very much enjoyable where friends and families spend quality time together. Kids and adults are fond of cool beverages like cold drinks, juices, lemonade, smoothies and ice creams which they consume with lots of affection. In northern India, mangoes and peaches are the main fruits that ripe in summers and are preciously eaten by the people. Because of high heat, people tend to take fruits and green vegetables high in water and mineral nutrients. During summer people suffer heat strokes and dehydration and many diseases as the season brings the dirt and gusty hot winds in the daytime. Drinking of lots of water is recommendable in this season. Most of the rivers and streams get dry which results in a shortage of water in some areas of our country that's why conservation of water during summer is very essential. One of the main festivals "holi" is celebrated during summer with great enthusiasm and excitement. It is called the "festival of colors". People apply beautiful colors on each other faces and throw water balloons to prevent from high heat and dance getting drenched in water to enjoy themselves. Various sweet snacks and delicacies are made which provides coolness to the people. Overall summer is the season with both its advantages and disadvantages, children love their vacation time and people in urban areas visit hilly cool places and enjoy their touring whereas, on the other hand, it brings people at various risks of water shortage and natural calamities such as droughts and heat strokes. But despite all negativity, summer has its own nostalgia to be a part of one of the stories of every Indian.

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PREVIOUSThe paragraph below is a critical appreciation of the poem. Choose the correct word(s) from those given in the box and fill in the blanks suitability.flowers personification first cutting lambs__________________by __________________ has been termed by many critics as the __________________ poem because it gives the reader a complete picture of the __________________ and __________________of autumn.The first stanza is full of beautiful and vivid __________________ of the season. There exists a close friendship between Autumn and the __________________. During autumn both are __________________ how to 'load and bless' plants, vines and trees with __________________and __________________. All the descriptions in stanza 1 build up to give us an image of __________________.In the __________________ stanza, the poet describes autumn as a_____________figure of speech used here is __________________. Most of the images are those of a figure in a static position or in arrested motion. The poet shifts his view in this stanza beyond the 'cottage trees' of the __________________ stanza to the granary. Various activities connected with __________________are mentioned such as winnowing, ___________, __________________and __________________.The final stanza begins with a disturbing and wistful __________________ but it is __________________ quickly. The poet now gives us the images of __________________ plains and __________________ clouds at the __________________ of an autumn day. There are several striking sound images in the stanza such as the __________________of gnats, the __________________ of __________________, the __________________ of __________________, the __________________ of the__________________and the __________________ of __________________.NEXTChoose the season you most like and write an article/poem on it. Use the given clues.• the sights• the sounds• the activities• your thoughts and feeling
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