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You can make your

Answer :

The activity can be performed as follows:

1. Find the latitude of the city with the help of Atlas.

2. Cut out a triangular piece of a cardboard such that its one angle is equal to the latitude of the location and the angle opposite to it is a right angle.

3. Fix this piece, called gnomon, vertically along a diameter of a circular board by making a groove along a diameter on the circular board.

4. Choose a space, which receives sunlight for most of the day. Mark a line on the ground along the North-South direction. Place the sundial in the sun.

5. Mark the position of the tip of the shadow of the gnomon on the circular board as early in the day as possible. Mark the position of the tip of the shadow every hour throughout the day. Draw lines to connect each point marked by you with the centre of the base of the gnomon.

6. Extend the lines on the circular board up to its periphery.

This Sundial can be used for reading the time at chosen place.

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