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You are provided with three test tubes A, B and C as shown in Figure 5.3 with different liquids. What will you observe when you put

(a) a piece of blue litmus paper in each test tube.

(b) a piece of red litmus paper in each test tube.

(c) a few drops of phenolphthalein solution to each test tube.

Answer :

(a) Test tube A : Color change to RED

Test tube B: No color Change

Test tube C: No color Change

(b) Test tube A: No Color Change

Test tube B: Color change to Blue

Test tube C: No change

(c) Test tube A: Colourless solution

Test tube B: Pink solution

Test tube C: Colorless solution

Tartaric acid(Solution A) is acidic in nature. Soap (solution B)is basic in nature. Pure water (Solution C ) is neutral in nature.

Acid turns blue litmus red, base turns red litmus blue, neutral substances do not change the color of litmus. Phenolphthalein gives pink color with base and colorless solution with acid and neutral substances.

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