Q. 18

Write the appropriate type of tissues in column B according to the functions mentioned in column A.

Answer :

Column A Column B

a. Secretion and absorption i.Cuboidal epithelium.

Explanation:These tissues are found in organs which are involved in secretion like the salivary glands, thyroid follicles, etc. They are also found in organs specialized in diffusion like the kidney tubules.

b. Protective covering ii.Stratified epithelium.

Explanation:These tissues help in the protection of the dry skin. It has multi-layers and thus does not have much role in secretion. Stratified epithelial cells are found mainly in the parts of the body which experience mechanical, chemical, osmotic or thermal stresses.

c. Linking and supporting framework iii.Connective tissue.

Explanation:They are involved in the binding and connection of different tissues and organs and they help in providing structural rigidity, support, and protection of the body. They are also involved in the transport and exchange of various enzymes, hormones, gases and molecules such as nitrogenous wastes, vitamins, etc.

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