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Answer :

(a) One difference between multimolecular colloid and associated


(b) One difference between Coagulation and Peptization:

(c) One difference between Homogeneous catalysis and Heterogeneous catalysis:


(a) Just as in true solution, the substance dissolved is called the solute and the medium in which it is dissolved is called the solvent, similarly in a colloidal system, the terms solute and solvent are replaced by the terms dispersed phase and dispersed medium respectively. Thus, dispersed phase means the substance distributed in the dispersed medium in the form of colloidal particles and the dispersion medium means the medium in which the substance is dispersed in the form of colloidal particles.

The dispersed phase and dispersion medium of milk is:

Dispersed phase: liquid

Dispersed medium: liquid

Note: When the dispersed phase and dispersed medium both are liquids, then the colloid formed is called emulsion.

(b) Physiosorption: When a gas is held (adsorbed) on the surface of a solid by Vander Waals force (which are weak intermolecular forces of attraction) without resulting into the formation of any chemical bond between the adsorbate and the adsorbent, it is called physiosorption.

Adsorbate: The substance adsorbed on the surface is called adsorbate.

Adsorbent: The substance on which it is adsorbed is called adsorbent.

Chemisorption: When a gas is held on to the surface of a solid by forces similar to those of a chemical bond, the type of adsorption is called chemisorption.

One similarity between Physiosorption and Chemisorption:

(c) The chemical method by which Fe(OH)3 sol is prepared from

FeCl3 is:

By hydrolysis: Fe(OH)3 sols are prepared by boiling solution of Ferric


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