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Write a short note on Tipu Sultan.

Answer :

Tipu Sultan was popularly known as ‘Tiger of Mysore’ as he fought bravely with the tiger. He was the son of Haider Ali and became the Ruler of Mysore in 1782 after his father’s death. As British East India Company had successful trade at the Malabar coast, Tipu Sultan in 1785 decided to stop the export of Sandalwood, pepper and Cardamom and also didn’t allowed local merchants to trade with the company. He cleverly maintained a good relationship with French and with their help modernized his army. In the battle of Seringapatam, Tipu Sultan died protecting his capital Seringapatam.

For Britishers, he was ambitious and dangerous which possessed as a threat to their rule. It is because of such Indian rulers that we always remained as a united country and successfully gained our freedom against British rule.

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