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Write a paragraph about beauty. Use your own ideas along with the ideas in the poem.

(You may discuss your ideas with your partner)

Answer :

The essence of Beauty is a very vivid concept. It is not limited to a particular thing but is a very broad understanding of the qualities that are pleasant and soothing in nature.

As the poem highlights the beauty of the nature which can not only be seen but also heard shows the effect of nature on the human mind. In addition to this, the poem also talks about the beauty present in an individual itself. The good deeds and thoughts of an individual shape his/her charming appearance.

Beauty is something inherent in every individual in different ways. In order to live a peaceful life, it is important for human beings to appreciate the beautiful ideas in one another. Thus, the poem, in the end, gives a “beautiful and positive message” of appreciating and enjoying the beauty within as well as around oneself.

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