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a. When I see a rag picker I think he might be poor not able to get enough food so he might be engaged in this work for income. He separate useful and non-useful things from garbage. He separates recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. He might not be so much educated to get good jobs in other fields so he may have chosen this as his profession.

b. Cow is getting exposed to hazardous things. Polythene bag may stuck in his throat causing choking. So due to our irresponsibility it may prove havoc to cow’s health.

c. Due to improper disposal of garbage it is causing health hazard, pollution. It serves as a breeding place for flies, mosquitoes and other microbes which are responsible for various diseases. Foul odour coming from garbage may cause health related problems. So it is better to dispose our garbage properly which is the responsibility of each and every citizen.

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