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Why was it diffic

Answer :

Women are a very important part of society. They contributed a lot to its development and upliftment. But women were not always this empowered in the older generations.

1. Women were a supressed part of society in those days.

2. Women in the older generations were not allowed to study , work outside the home or be of any service to society

3. They were brought up to take care of the house, the children and be in the kitchen.

4. They always had to listen to the men of the house and obey their orders. This is why women were never in positions of power in those days.

5. If they had any form of power, they were mocked by society

But in modern times, with the intervention of the government, girls are getting educated. They are encouraged to go work outside and earn money. Women have come a long way in getting equal rights and opportunities and are still are going a long way. The society also has been working toward their empowerment, and this is being aimed at reaching to remote parts of the country as well.

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