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Why is Bombay considered a Prime city of India?

Answer :

Bombay was one of the major ports which were under the British control during the seventeenth century. King Charles II of Britain married the Portuguese princess in the year 1661.

a. Surat was replaced by Bombay as the principal western port by the English East India Company.

b. The city was the capital of Bombay Presidency in 1819. It developed with the growth of trade in cotton and opium.

c. The city of Bombay emerged as an administrative and industrial center during the nineteenth century.

d. It was viewed as a city of diverse opportunities.

e. Many people moved to Bombay in search of better job opportunities.

f. Many underprivileged people started working here fetching jobs according to their skill set.

g. The establishment of textile mills invited the entry of the migrant population to the city.

h. It was the junction head of two major railways.

Hence, Bombay was considered as a Prime city of India.

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