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Why does Radha’s mother tell her that it is not suitable for girls to climb trees? Find points to agree with Radha or her mother. Plan what you will say by making notes like this:

● Girls should be able to climb trees if they wish

1. Because it is fun

2. Because one feels like they rule the world when at the top

3. ___________________________________

● Girls should not be allowed to climb trees

1. Because they might fall down and hurt themselves

2. ____________________________________

3. ____________________________________
Now divide the class into two groups. Present to the rest of the class the opinion of Radha who thinks there is no harm in girls climbing trees and of her mother who thinks girls should not do this.

Answer :

Radha thinks girls should be able to climb trees because it is fun. She likes climbing the mango tree in the outside her home and feels like she rules the world when she is up in the tree. Climbing trees makes keeps one strong and active.

Radha’s mother thinks it is not sensible for girls to climb tree because they might fall down and hurt themselves badly. She thinks girls are better off playing on the ground that climbing trees.

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