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While on a visit to a pond in the city-neighbourhood, the visitors were delighted to find large expanse of water covered with colourful algal mass.

(a) As a student of biology, do you agree with their delight ? Give reasons in support of your answer.

(b) Explain the cause of such algal growth.

Answer :

(a) No, because being a biology student, we are aware of the fact that the colourful algal mass covering the large expanse of water is the result of eutrophication. Eutrophication ultimately leads to reduced oxygen content of the water body which leads to the death of the water body and the life it was supporting. These algal mass (algal bloom) causes deterioration of the water quality , increase fish mortality , are (extremely) toxic to humans and animals

(b) Such algal growth is a result of an excess of nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) into waters. Such nutrients are released in water due to the use of fertilizers in the areas near the water body and the effluents released by the factories near the water body.

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