Q. 8

Which of the following arrangements represent increasing oxidation number of the central atom?
A. CrO-2 , CIO-3 , CrO2-4 , MnO-4

B. CIO-3 , CrO2-4 , MnO-4 , CrO-2

C. CrO2+4 , MnO-4 , CrO-2 , CIO-3

D. CrO2-4, MnO-4 , CrO-2 , CIO-3

Answer :

The oxidation numbers for all above ionic molecules can be calculated using assigning variable for unknown oxidation state and following the rule that algebraic sum of all oxidation states of a compound is equal to the charge on the compound.

CrO-2 x= +3

ClO-3 x= +5

CrO2-4 x= +6

MnO-4 x= +7

The ascending order of increasing oxidation state of the given molecules is: CrO-2 <ClO-3<CrO2-4<MnO-4

The correct option suggesting that is option (i).

*Caution must be taken in noticing the charge on the molecule and not taking it as zero, along with that the rules of finding oxidation number should not be violated.

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