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When MnO2 is fused with KOH in the presence of KNO3 as an oxidizing agent, it gives a dark green compound (A). Compound (A) disproportionate in acidic solution to give purple compound (B). An alkaline solution of compound (B) oxidises KI to compound (C) whereas an acidified solution of compound (B) oxidises KI to (D). Identify (A), (B), (C), and (D).

Answer :

Potassium permanganate is prepared by reacting MnO2 with an alkali metal hydroxide in the presence of an oxidising agent. The reaction takes place via the following steps-

K2MnO4 (A) is dark green precipitate which undergoes disproportionation reaction to form permanganate and manganese oxide

In acidic solution-

In a neutral medium-

(A) MnO2- (B) MnO4- (C) MnO2 (D) Mn2+

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