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What were the steps taken to ensure that muqtis performed their duties? Why do you think they may have wanted to defy the orders of the Sultans?

Answer :

1. Muqtis were selected on the basis of certain qualification.

2. Their office was not inheritable.

3. They were assigned iqtas for a short period of time.

4. They were shifted from time to time from one iqta to another.

5. The duty of the muqtis was to lead military campaigns and maintain law and order in their iqtas.

6. Accountants were appointed by the state to check the amount of revenue collected.

Reasons to defy the orders of the Sultans:

1. Muqti collected the taxes prescribed by the state and kept the required number of soldiers. They may have wanted to defy the orders of the Sultans to exercise control over the money collected and the military.

2. Sometimes, the harsh conditions of service can be the reason for defying the orders of the Sultans.

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