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What ways do you suggest to reduce friction?

Answer :

Friction can be reduced by:

1. Making the rough surfaces smooth – When the interacting surfaces are rough, the interlocking between these surfaces is more and as a result there is an opposition to advancement of the object (i.e. friction). If the surface is made smooth, the interlocking between the surfaces decreases and as a result opposition to the movement of the body decreases. This reduces friction.

2. Adding lubricant to a rough surface – Lubricant serves as a medium that prevents interlocking between the surfaces by filling up the gaps, thereby reducing friction.

3. Making the objects more streamlined- When objects move, the air around them drags them. To prevent this we make the surfaces curved so that they cut through the air this, reducing the drag(i.e. friction).

4. Reducing forces acting on the surface- Friction is directly proportional to the normal force acting on the object. So by reducing the forces acting on the object, normal force can be reduced and as a result, friction also reduces.

Example, the forces acting on a sportsperson:

5. Reducing contact area between the surfaces- If the contact area between the surfaces is reduced, the interlocking between surfaces is reduced. As a result, the opposition to movement is reduced and friction reduces.

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