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What was the situation in Poland in the 1980s?

Answer :

In the 1980s Poland was ruled by the Polish United Workers' Party. This was a Communist party. The government of the Soviet Union controlled the government in Poland. In a Communist Country people could not choose their leader or speak freely against their leader. People were put in prison for opposing the government. Independent Trade Unions were not allowed in Poland On 14 August 1980, the workers of Lenin Shipyard, in Gdansk, went on a strike. This shipyard belonged to the Government and strikes were illegal. The strike started because a women crane operator was dismissed from service in an unjust manner. Soon Lech Walesa, joined the strike. Lech Walesa was an electrician in the shipyard. He was dismissed from service, many years ago, because he had demanded higher wages.The strike began to spread across the whole city. The workers started raising greater demands. They wanted the right to form independent trade unions.
They wanted the release of political prisoners.
They wanted an end to censorship of the press.

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