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What was Germania?


What was the main aim to establish Tonkin Free School in Vietnam by French?

Answer :

Germania was the allegory of the German nation. Allegory refers to the use of an image or symbol to represent an abstract idea. Artist Philip Veit created the image of Germania which became the symbol of Germany. Germania was a female figure. She was seen standing against a beam of sunlight which shone through the tricolour flag. She wore a crown of oak leaves.


Tonkin Free school was started by the French in Vietnam.

1. The French started French schools in Vietnam to counter the Chinese influence.

2. Schools were started with a decision to teach Vietnamese in lower classes and French in the higher classes.

3. Tonkin Free school was started in the year 1907.

4. Subjects like French, science and hygiene were taught in that school, and it followed the western style of education.

5. It was the culture of Vietnamese to keep long hair. Since the school followed western culture, it encouraged having a short haircut.

6. Vietnamese opposed it.

7. The Vietnamese teachers modified the text and started to criticize the statements against Vietnamese.

8. Many political parties like the Party of Young Annan were started, and journals were published.

Thus, schools paved the way for the political and cultural battles thus forming a larger part for battles against colonial education.

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