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What processes would you consider essential for maintaining life?

Answer :

If any organism needs to stay alive, there are few processes that are absolutely important to occur.
These processes are:

1.Nutrition:- Any organism that needs to continue living needs some form of nutrition (eg: food). This nutrition provides them with the energy for bodily functions.

2.Respiration:- An organism needs to breathe and respire. Through respiration, organisms acquire oxygen from the environment and use it for the breakdown food sources and release energy which they use to carry out metabolic processes.

3.Transportation:- Transportation or circulation is also important for an organism to live. It helps in carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

4.Excretion:- An organisms body produces waste products that are harmful for the body and hence need to be removed. So excretion takes place to make sure thatthe body gets rid of these harmful and toxic contents.

5. Control and coordination:- Control and coordination needed to make sure that the entire body functions well. The various processes occuring inside any organism's body are interlinked or dependant on each other or connected to each other. So if there is no control and coordination among them, the entire system can breakdown. 

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