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What is the role

Answer :

1. Students or the youth are often referred to as the pillars of the future generation and nurturing them well is almost as equivalent to shaping the future of our nation. Inculcating values like keeping the city clean and behaving as responsible citizens are and making them take up a proactive role towards this from an early age are essential.

2. Often in educational institutions, 2nd October is identified as Swachh Bharat day, and the campus premises and the surroundings are cleaned, and awareness campaigns are carried out throughout the day.

3. In addition to this, working with the broader community towards a common goal gives the younger generation a sense of belonging and citizenship. They learn the importance of sanitation and cleanliness and take up necessary measures for the same.

4. The students play a vital role as they understand the mission of the campaign faster. And also explain it to their parents, relatives, neighbours and friends very well. They gather and start campaigns quicker and can even get the message across to people of all age groups and the youth of today are energetic, driven and enthusiastic about making a difference in their homeland.

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