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The mainland of India extends from 84′ N to 376′N latitude. And 687′E to 9825′N longitudinal extent. Implications to it are:-

• It helps to bring rain. Because of the air at the equator rises up to the higher altitude and flows away from the equator to the poles. The equatorial air cools causing water vapour and condenses to fall as rain making equatorial regions rainy.

• Equatorial air sinks back down towards the earth' surface at the latitude of 30⁰N and 30⁰S. The water vapour laden air becomes warmer. Warm air can hold a lot of moisture, so it does not rain much-creating desserts. E.g. Sahara desert.

• Air moving from the poles towards the equator also wants to maintain its low angular momentum (as the air moves to the south), the land surface tends to move out from southward moving air. The combined effect of the air deflections (in north, air moves toward the east and in south air moves toward the west), the movement of air as well as water vapour tend to travel clockwise in a circular pattern in the Northern hemisphere. The major ocean current in the northern hemisphere also work in the same direction.

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