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What is the area of the plates of a 2 F parallel plate capacitor, given that the separation between the plates is 0.5 cm? [You will realize from your answer why ordinary capacitors are in the range of μF or less. However, electrolytic capacitors do have a much larger capacitance (0.1 F) because of very minute separation between the conductors.]

Answer :

Let the area of the plates of capacitor be A.

Capacitance of a parallel capacitor (C) = 2 F

Distance between the two plates (d) = 0.5cm = 0.005m

Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is given by the relation,


= Absolute Permittivity of free space = 8.8510-12 C2N-1m-2

= 0.00112991012m2 ~ 1130km2

As the area of the plates required becomes too large so the capacitance is taken in the range of μF .

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