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What is biomass? Explain the principle and working of a biogas

plant using a labelled schematic diagram.

Answer :

The sources of the fuel which are produced from plant and animal waste is known as biomass.

Bio-energy can be obtained using biomass in a plant which has a dome like structure built with bricks. A slurry of cow-dung and water is mixed in mixing tank from where it is fed into the digester. These complex compounds of cow-dung and slurry, is decomposed with the help of anaerobic microorganisms. After few days of decomposition, Methane, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen and Hydrogen sulphide gases are generated. The biogas is then stored in the gas tank above the digester from which they are then drawn to the pipes for usage. In this way, bio-energy is obtained by using biomass.

Biogas acts as efficient fuel and produces 75% of methane gas which is environment friendly.

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