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What is a glacier? Explain its types.

Answer :

Glaciers are huge masses of snow that is transported, accumulated and deposited in other regions due to the action of natural agents. Erosion and deposition are also caused by the actions of glaciers. It is also known as the river of ice. Glaciers can be divided into two types. They are:

Continental glacier- It is formed in regions having a cold climate over years. It covers broad and vast areas. They are formed because of their longitudinal location. The pace of erosional and depositional activities are much lesser.

E.g. the Himalayas

Valley glacier- It originates from snow-capped mountain ranges. It covers only narrow and small areas. They are formed due to altitudinal and longitudinal reasons. Erosional and depositional activities occur more rapidly resulting in the formation of a diverse environment.

E.g. Greenland

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