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What do you think about the statement that NAM has become irrelevant today. Give reason to support your opinion.

Answer :

No, I don’t think NAM has become irrelevant in today’s world.

• With the disintegration of the USSR and the end of cold war in 1991, non alignment, both as an international movement and as the core of India’s Foreign Policy, lost some earlier relevance and effectiveness.

• However, non alignment retained some core values and enduring idea, after the end of cold war it started giving more importance to economic ideas.

Non-Alignment has not lost any of its relevance rather it has stood the test of time. It has served the useful purpose of protecting and preserving the interest of the Third World countries well in the past, so it is also expected to serve their interest well in the future to come.

NAM can play the most important role in protecting the economic interest of the Third World countries as well as promoting south-south cooperation. Thus the philosophy of NAM is as relevant as ever for the Third World.

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