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Various steps involved to obtain wool from fleece are given here.

(i) Picking out the burrs

(ii) Dyeing in various colours

(iii) Shearing

(iv) Scouring

(v) Sorting

Write the above steps in the correct sequence in which they are carried out

Answer :

The correct sequence of steps to obtain wool from fleece (hair) is as follows:

ShearingScouringSortingPicking out the blurrsDyeing in various colours

1) Shearing: Removal of fleece/ hair from sheep is known as shearing.

2) Scouring: Removed hairs are then cleaned by washing into tanks to remove grease dirt and grease.

3) Sorting: The process of separating hairs of different textures.

4) Picking out the blurrs: Blurrs are small fluffy fibres which are picked out from the hairs. These fibres are again cleaned and dried.

5) Dyeing: The fibres are then dyed into varieties of colours because the wool fibres originally obtained are black, brown and white in colours.

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