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Two pea plants one with round green seeds (RRyy) and another with wrinkled yellow (rrYY) seeds produce F1 progeny that have round, yellow (RrYy) seeds. When F1 plants are selfed, the F2 progeny will have new combination of characters. Choose the new combination from the following

i. Round, yellow

ii. Round, green

iii. Wrinkled, yellow

iv. Wrinkled, green
A. (i) and (ii)

B. (i) and (iv)

C. (ii) and (iii)

D. (i) and (iii)

Answer :

The new combination in F2 progeny will be round, yellow and wrinkled green. The phenotypic ratio 9:3:3:1 is obtained. This can be shown by following Punette square:

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