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The photograph of a house occupies an area of 1.75 cm2 on a 35 mm slide. The slide is projected on to a screen, and the area of the house on the screen is 1.55 m2. What is the linear magnification of the projector-screen arrangement.

Answer :

Given: Area of photograph of house (Aobject) - 1.75 cm2

Area of image formed on screen (Aimage)- 1.55 m2 = 1.55 x 104 cm2

Formula: Areal magnification (m) = Aimage / Aobject ,

where Aimageand Aobject are the areas of image and object respectively.

Since the dimension of areal magnification is L2 and dimension of linear magnification is L,

Linear magnification (ml) = √m

m = (1.55 × 104 cm2)/(1.75 cm2)

ml = 94.1 (report upto 3 significant figures only)

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