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The challenge of sustainable development requires control over industrial pollution.’ Substantiate the statement with examples.

Answer :

‘The challenge of sustainable development requires control over industrial pollution’ The statement is explained below:

● On the one hand, the industries they have led to an extensive amount of growth and expansion of the country.

● On the other hand, they have also been a major cause of Environmental Degradation.

● They pollute the environment in various forms of air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.

● The urgency of developing the sustainable model to control industrial pollution has increased.

● The industries must use eco-friendly products and dump the waste responsibly.

● The waste must be sent to a specified place away from the land and water resources.

● They must use the approach of reuse recycle refuse.

● The thermal plant must be stopped in some of the locations.

● They can use the latest technology to control pollution.

● The Industrial effluents must be treated before releasing them in water bodies.

● The groundwater use must be checked regularly to avoid overdrawing.

● Smokestacks must be fitted in factories with electrostatic precipitator and Fabric filter to reduce the particulate matter released in the air.

● Coal must be replaced by oil or gas in factories.

● The machinery must be redesigned to increase energy efficiency and reduce noise.

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