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Tell the odd one out. Give proper explanation.

a. Fuse wire, bad conductor, rubber gloves, generator.

b. Voltmeter, Ammeter, galvanometer, thermometer.

c. Loud speaker, microphone, electric motor, magnet.

Answer :

(a) Odd one - bad conductor

Explanation: Fuse wire, rubber gloves, and generator are related to electric current. If a large amount of electric current flows it produce large amount of heat so fuse wire melts thus stopping the flow of current. Rubber gloves do not conduct heat or electricity which we wear while handling electrical equipment to protect from shocks.

The generator is based on magnetic effects of electric current which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

But bad conductor is Not related to electric current.

(b) Odd- Thermometer.

Explanation: Thermometer measures heat. But ammeter, voltmeter and galvanometer measures electric current, potential difference, a small amount of current respectively in an electrical circuit.

(c) Odd- magnet

Explanation: Loudspeaker, microphone and electric motor works on principles of some effects of electric current.

But Magnet has magnetic properties which attracts magnetic substances towards it and has no relation with electric current.

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